When it comes to your sense of style, you want options that show off your tastes and patriotic side in one great look. While many people think of American flag accessories as more of a Fourth of July look, you can definitely wear them all year long! Here are a few great 4th of July accessories you can wear every day.

Bracelets and Necklaces

One of the easiest ways to show your patriotic pride every day of the year is with jewelry. From wristbands for men to dainty bracelets for women, there is an option for everyone. Whether you like something made of metal with an engraved style or a more athletic choice, there are plenty of ways to bring the red, white, and blue to your daily accessories.

Patriotic Whisper Bracelet - The Flag Shirt


When looking for 4th of July accessories you can wear every day, a tie is a great way to bring some red, white, and blue to the workday. A tie lets you stay professional in the appropriate attire while still showing some patriotic pride in style. Best of all, there are several styles and patterns to match your personal sense of style while still honoring the red, white, and blue in your everyday life.

Parquet Mens Necktie With Mini American Flags - Blue - One Size Neck Tie - The Flag Shirt


For an accessory that gives style and comfort in one, a pair of flag socks is a great choice for year-round wear. Whether you wear them under your business attire for an interesting touch to your workday or just while running errands or lounging around the house, flag socks are a great way to add just a little bit of patriotism that isn't overpowering but is still fun.

Mens Stars and Stripes American Flag Socks - The Flag Shirt


For the cook in the family, an apron is a necessity. With a flag apron, show some patriotism even when at home! This is a great gift for someone else or even for yourself. Flag aprons give you the function of an apron but with a patriotic twist you are sure to love whether for a cookout or just cooking dinner for the family.

Freedom Lady Apron - The Flag Shirt


Avoid the sun in your eye while showing your American pride with sunglasses year-round. Sunglasses are definitely a year-round accessory you need and when you choose red, white, and blue styles, you get a bit of patriotic pride in an item that is a necessity for the best of both worlds.

Wayfarer American Flag Sunglasses - The Flag Shirt


For an accessory that is smaller and adds some function to the day, flag pens are a great choice. Whether for school, work, or just making a grocery list, flag pens let you show your patriotic spirit with a useful item.

USA Plastic American Flag Pen - The Flag Shirt

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