Act of Patriotism: FedEx Worker Shows Respect and Patriotism by Folding Flag for Homeowner

Act of Patriotism: FedEx Worker Shows Respect and Patriotism by Folding Flag for Homeowner

In today's age of technology, outdoor cameras are everywhere and every so often these cameras pick up good deeds and acts of patriotism being completed by everyday citizens. This was the case with a FedEx worker from New Jersey caught on camera respecting the flag and folding it for a homeowner on his delivery route.

A True Act of Patriotism

When out on his delivery route in Freehold, New Jersey, on February 7, FedEx employee Chris Oslovitch happened to notice a homeowner's American flag had fallen to the ground due to strong winds. Oslovitch stopped to pick up the flag and fold it properly, even though he wasn't even making a delivery to that residence at the time.

With a father who was a 9/11 first responder and died of cancer and grandfathers who had served in the military, always paying respect to this country and honoring the American flag were traits Oslovitch grew up with. The American flag should never touch the ground and when he saw the flag had fallen, he simply couldn't pass by without doing something. Having learned the correct way to fold the American flag from his father, Oslovitch folded the flag and placed it on the homeowner's porch.

This kindness and patriotism was shared on social media by the homeowner who was both appreciative and stunned by this exemplary act, as it was not something you see every day. But, how wonderful it is when you do.

Showing Patriotism is Accomplished in Many Ways

There are many ways that we as United States citizens can show our patriotism and love for this country. Whether it's fixing a flag that has fallen to the ground, singing along to our national anthem, or wearing our favorite patriotic clothing whenever possible, there are many ways to express our dedication to and respect for the United States of America.

We applaud Chris Oslovitch for his recent act of patriotism and encourage others to perform patriotic acts as well.