Being United While Social Distancing

Being United While Social Distancing

The term “social distancing” is one that everyone should be quite familiar with these days. By staying six feet apart from others and staying home to help curb the coronavirus that’s plaguing our country and beyond, we also feel distance from our loved ones who we’re not with. During this time, it’s vital to keep in contact with friends, family members, and our community as a whole. So, how do we do so and still abide by the regulations put in place by our state governors and other government officials?

Stay in Touch Virtually

Just because we can’t come together with others face-to-face in person doesn’t mean we can’t have conversation time through virtual means. With Skype, Zoom, and other video chats, seeing our loved ones over the screen and speaking with them that way is even better than just talking on the phone. With so much technology available to us these days, staying in touch with our loved ones is an easy feat that can be accomplished through various means.

Support Local Small Businesses

Another way to stand united while social distancing is to think of our local small businesses. These entities are really hurting during this time, especially if they’re not able to offer takeout services or they don’t have online product ordering through their websites. There are a few ways to support local small businesses:

  • Order takeout or curbside pickup if restaurants in your area are offering this service
  • Order products online from their business website
  • Purchase gift cards to use at a later time
  • Order items for healthcare workers, first responders, and others on the front line and deliver them to these wonderful heroes

Providing support to small businesses now will help them to recover more easily once the coronavirus pandemic has passed. 

Applaud Those On the Front Line

It’s also possible to remain united as a country during this troubling time by doing our part to applaud those on the front lines of this pandemic. This includes the healthcare workers, first responders, essential business workers, and more. Take the time to show appreciation for these brave individuals who are risking their health and lives to ensure that individuals throughout the United States are safe and cared for as we ride out this incredible storm known as COVID-19. Ways in which you can show your appreciation include purchasing meals for these individuals and having them delivered to their work locations, making cards and signs, or something as simple as giving them a round of applause at a certain time each day. Any of these actions will show these individuals just how much we appreciate their daily sacrifice and commitment to the community.

Even though we are apart and social distancing, there are many ways to stay in touch with our loved ones and support our community and the country as a whole.  

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