Different Flag Designs

Different Flag Designs


Betsy Ross Flag

When looking at different flag designs, the most common one is the Betsy Ross image. This flag has the red and white stripes and blue field we are used to, but the stars are all arranged in a circle. While it has been debated if Betsy Ross really did create this design as the first American flag, it is still a beloved symbol and still commonly replicated today for collectors.

13 Star Colonies

This flag has the red and white stripes with the blue field and the stars lined up accordingly, but there are only 13 stars. This is a symbol of the first 13 colonies when the nation was formed. An original of this type of flag is a collector's item worth a good amount of money depending on the condition, but there are also modern-day replicas for the history buff looking to add to their flag collection.

Star Spangled 15 Star

Another one of the different flag designs that is still popular today is the 15-star flag also called the Star-Spangled design. This was the last flag where stripes were added based on a new state which is why it has 15 stars and 15 stripes.

13 Stripes and Various Stars

The flag was changed to have 13 stripes in 1818 with no new stripes to be added when new states achieved statehood. Since adding a new stripe for each state would make the flag unwieldy in size and scope, the 13 stripes would become the acceptable norm still to this day. The stars would go on to change, of course, with every state achieving statehood over the course of our nation's history receiving their own star on the flag. There are flags with a range of stars on them still in existence with the 13 stripes from 16-star designs to the current 50 with each year carrying different stars based on when states joined the union.

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