Keeping Patriotism Alive Even When Our Country is Shut Down

Keeping Patriotism Alive Even When Our Country is Shut Down

While our country is still largely shut down, we might find that our normal way of life is on hold at the moment. What is expressed by some as the “new normal” now consists of wearing masks while shopping, scrambling to find essentials, and missing our usual interactions with friends and loved ones that was once commonplace prior to COVID-19. And, with Memorial Day parades and services being canceled, many might wonder how to keep patriotism alive during these uncertain times. The good news is that there are ways to do so.

A few ways you can keep patriotism alive during the coronavirus pandemic include:


Honor and Remember Military Heroes Through Virtual Means


Memorial Day is a federal holiday created to honor and remember those who lost their lives serving in the United States Armed Forces. As many parades and memorial services scheduled for Memorial Day have been canceled this year, it’s important to still embrace the importance of the day. It’s easy to keep patriotism alive even though our country is shut down. We can add memorials on social media, hold a virtual Memorial Day commemorative service, dress patriotically, or make a donation to a local veteran’s home. All of these things will help to keep patriotism alive on this special day of remembrance. 


Support First Responders Through Donations


Patriotism and our first responders are two concepts that are closely interwoven. These individuals put their lives on the line daily so that we can be protected and secure. As these individuals work 24/7/365, you might imagine that they need some meals served in between. Many restaurants that are open for takeout in your area will gladly deliver to local fire departments and police stations. Order some pizzas or sandwiches, pay by phone or online, and have these meals delivered to local first responders. They will surely appreciate not having to worry about when they are able to grab a meal for themselves or finding the time to do so. 


Vote in Upcoming Elections by Mail


Depending on the state where you live, you might have a government election on the horizon. Since many are hesitant to vote in person, you might be able to vote by mail. This will allow you to fulfill your patriotic duty by voting in the election but not having to worry about coronavirus issues when doing so. If you have an election approaching, contact your local government representatives to see what your options might be. 

Even though our country is still largely shut down in many ways, this doesn’t mean we have to put patriotism aside. We can still accomplish our patriotic goals while staying safe and healthy.

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