Memorial Day Party Ideas

Memorial Day Party Ideas


Use red, white, and blue décor

The most important and popular of the Memorial Day party ideas is to make sure your décor features the red, white, and blue! While you could represent the unofficial start of summer with other colors, doing so would remove the patriotic aspect of this holiday. Red, white, and blue can still be incorporated in fun, summery ways to keep with the overall theme. For example, your invitations for the party could have a red grill on a white background with blue water in the background. An easy way to use these colors of your party is the table settings. You can use red tablecloths, blue plates, and white napkins to stick with the theme. You can also add balloons and streamers in this color scheme for added pizzazz that is easy to put up and take down.

Make it a BBQ menu

The menu is one of the most important elements and we have a few great Memorial Day party ideas for it. Since this is the unofficial start of summer, a BBQ is the obvious and all-American choice! From burgers and hot dogs to chicken and kabobs, there are plenty of ways to grill out for this summery holiday. Even if you aren't able to grill out with burgers and hot dogs, you can still create a summery menu with summer staples such as baked beans, potato salad, macaroni salad, cold cut sandwiches, and some fun finger foods like celery and hummus.

Create a patriotic dessert

Don't forget dessert! Cupcakes are a great summery dessert that are easier to serve than a cake since guests can just grab one and get back to the party. Best of all, you can easily transform cupcakes into a patriotic party display by arranging them in the shape of the flag with icing colored in red, white, and blue and placed in the right area to recreate the flag's stars and stripes. If cupcakes aren't your style, colorful Jell-O or even colored Rice Krispies treats are a fun option you can create in red, white, and blue. You should also make sure to have plenty of summertime fruit such as watermelon and strawberries for those with a healthy sweet tooth!

Make it meaningful

While this is a time to celebrate and enjoy a three-day weekend, it's also important to make sure we never lose sight of the true meaning of the holiday. This is a good time of year to make a donation to a local or national organization which helps veterans such as the National Military Family Association, Veterans Hospital, or Wounded Warrior Project. You can even ask guests to make a small donation in lieu of bringing anything to the party!

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