Patriotism Spotlight: Clarence Smoyer

Patriotism Spotlight: Clarence Smoyer

Who Is Clarence Smoyer?

Clarence Smoyer of Allentown, Pennsylvania, recently received the Bronze Star for his patriotic actions as a tank gunner in WWII. His heroism was detailed in the book, Spearhead, and he was surprised with the Bronze Star award when he visited the Pentagon in Washington, DC, for what he believed to be a book signing event. Known as the "Hero of Cologne" Smoyer was applauded for his efforts that took place on March 6, 1945, when he was involved in combat with enemy forces and his tank destroyed a German tank. The encounter was recorded on film and exists as evidence of the battle to this very day.  

Originally set to receive a Bronze Star shortly after the battle, Smoyer was denied the award due to a military police officer stating he saw Smoyer reaching into his pockets for bubble gum to hand out to some German children. Decades later, the author of Spearhead, Adam Makos, convinced the Army to reverse this decision and award the Bronze Star to Smoyer.

Patriotism In Its Truest Form

Sometimes patriotism is not realized and acknowledged until years or even decades later. Smoyer was doing his part to protect and defend the United States of America and well deserving of this Bronze Star award. With the help of author Makos, Smoyer received his military award and was given the proper spotlight as a military hero should.

Congratulations to Clarence Smoyer on this important and impressive military accolade.

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