Road Trip USA: Explore Mount Rushmore

Road Trip USA: Explore Mount Rushmore

The United States of America is filled with impressive and must-visit historical locations. From the Statue of Liberty to the monuments of Washington, DC, patriotic spots are everywhere. One historical location that should be on your field trip list is Mount Rushmore. This national landmark is situated in the picturesque Black Hills of South Dakota and offers awe-inspiring scenery and historical significance all rolled into one.

History of Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore is a mountainside that features the faces of four U.S. presidents, including George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln. The idea of Mount Rushmore originated thanks to Doane Robinson, who is known as the “Father of Mount Rushmore.” Robinson hired artist Gutzon Borglum to create his vision and the carvings began in 1927 and were fully completed in 1941.

Mount Rushmore features the faces of the four presidents and each face of the sculpture is 60 feet high. The total cost to complete Mount Rushmore was just under $1 million. The purpose of the Mount Rushmore monument is to honor the presidents and their contributions to the United States of America. It also serves as a prominent symbol of freedom and democracy.

Things to See and Do at Mount Rushmore

When you visit Mount Rushmore, you’ll of course want to view the mountainside carvings and see the sculptures of the four presidents. However, there are other things to see and do at Mount Rushmore as well, including:

  • Visit the Sculptor’s Studio
  • Explore the Lincoln Borglum Museum
  • Peruse the Avenue of Flags
  • Walk the hiking trails
  • Enjoy ranger-led activities

After you see the beautiful sculptures of Mount Rushmore, make sure you take advantage of some of the other activities like the ones listed above. You can explore this national park on your own or take part in the guided tours along the way. The choice is yours!

Wear Your Patriotic Gear on Your Next Visit to Mount Rushmore

When you visit Mount Rushmore, make sure you are properly dressed for the occasion. The Flagshirt offers patriotic wear featuring many historical sites, including Mount Rushmore. Some of the Mount Rushmore-themed apparel you should buy for your trip include the following items:

And if you’re searching for patriotic gear for women and kids, The Flagshirt has you covered with a wide array of red, white, and blue clothing as well as other patriotic items. Whichever American-themed apparel you choose, you’ll be ready to explore Mount Rushmore and look good doing it!

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