Road Trip USA: New York

Road Trip USA: New York

Patriotic sites and landmarks are plentiful around the nation. From the East Coast landmarks to the West Coast historical sites, you can find patriotic historical spots to visit and learn about American history. New York is one state that is filled with landmarks where patriotism takes center stage. Here are some spots to include on your Road Trip USA: New York itinerary:

Statue of Liberty

It should come as no shock that the Statue of Liberty is a must-visit patriotic site in New York. As the location where people came from near and far to start a new life in America, the Statue of Liberty is a historic site to see in person at your earliest convenience.

National 9/11 Memorial and Museum

The National 9/11 Memorial and Museum is in remembrance of those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. It also serves as a reminder to never forget the brave first responders who gave their lives to help others and honor their memory. This solemn and moving patriotic site in New York City is one American landmark you should try to visit if given the opportunity. 

Washington’s Headquarters

As the first public historic site in the nation, Washington’s Headquarters in Newburgh draws a large crowd. At Washington’s Headquarters, visitors can learn about the place where the General spent much of his time during the American Revolution.

Saratoga National Historical Park

Another historic site in New York State is Saratoga National Historical Park. This national park in Stillwater provides visitors with a glimpse into this battlefield location. This is the historic spot where troops stopped the British in 1777 during the Revolutionary War.

Wear Patriotic Clothing and Tour New York’s Historic Sites

If you want to tour patriotic spots in New York, there are plenty to choose from throughout the state. From battlefields to memorials, New York has many locations where people can go to learn about historical events. These spots are ideal places to go when you want to catch a glimpse into the past.

As you head out to tour New York’s historical landmarks, make sure you have your patriotic attire on. The Flag Shirt is a patriotic clothing company that has everything you need to embrace your American spirit as you enjoy the historical sites of New York. Visit theflagshirt.com to explore the patriotic clothing and accessories. You’ll find a wide array of American-themed items on the website ranging from Statue of Liberty button-down shirts to Mount Rushmore polos.

When you explore the historical sites of New York, make sure you look good doing so!

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