Road Trip USA: Pennsylvania

Road Trip USA: Pennsylvania

Historical sites are prevalent throughout the U.S. If you’re a history buff or simply want to explore unique landmarks, a road trip is a great way to do so. Pennsylvania is a prime state to explore historical landmarks. From a historical spot where the nation’s founding documents were signed to American battlefields, Pennsylvania has it all. Here are some spots to visit as you embark on Road Trip USA: Pennsylvania:

Independence National Historical Park

You can start your historical road trip in Philadelphia and visit Independence National Historical Park. This historical landmark is patriotism at its finest. Independence Hall, is the location where the founding fathers signed  the Declaration of Independence on July 4th 1776, and the  U.S. Constitution was drafted.  You can tour the beautiful building and learn all about the historical documents signed there as well as the individuals who signed them. Then you can stroll down cobblestone streets to see the Liberty Bell in its glory, as well as other patriotic sights.  It’s a must-add to your Road Trip USA: Pennsylvania list. The park represents the founding ideals of the nation, and preserves national and international symbols of freedom and democracy.

Valley Forge National Historical Park

After you visit Philadelphia and take in all that Independence Hall has to offer, the next stop on your Pennsylvania historical site road trip is Valley Forge National Historical Park. Located just outside King of Prussia, Valley Forge National Historical Park is the site of the Continental Army’s winter encampment, 1777-1778. At the park, you can tour the outdoor scenery, learn about this time in history, and explore the monuments. Follow a tour guide through the park or embark on a self-guided tour: the choice is yours!

Gettysburg National Military Park

Once your visit to Valley Forge National Historical Park is complete, it’s on to Gettysburg. The Gettysburg National Military Park is the site where the Battle of Gettysburg took place in July 1863. During your visit to Gettysburg National Military Park, you can learn about the Battle of Gettysburg at the Visitor Center then tour the vast grounds of the park and view special sites and monuments along the way.

Wear Your Patriotic Gear on Your PA Road Trip

Now that you know where to go on your Pennsylvania historical road trip, the next step is to choose your outfit! Make sure you dress for the occasion and wear patriotic gear. Wear American flag shirts and red, white, and blue hats as you tour Pennsylvania’s historical sites and landmarks.

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