Saluting the Armed Forces

Saluting the Armed Forces

Now is the perfect moment to honor the men and women who spend days, months, even years...

Staying away from their homes, families, and friends...

So our great nation may not come to harm.

So we may sleep peacefully in our beds while they keep guarding our frontiers and our seas.

On national Armed Forces Day, we celebrate the heroes who amaze us with their great sacrifices.

Servicemen, whose courage and unwavering resolve protects and saves the nation.

Men and women, who put themselves in peril so we may go about our daily lives without worry or danger.

Men and women who deserve to be celebrated in more ways than one:

  • By thanking a man or woman who has served or is currently serving in the Armed Forces
  • By sending a note of appreciation to a member of the military
  • By donating to a veteran or other military-based organizations
  • By sending care packages to those serving the country in overseas missions or operations
  • By volunteering through a veterans service organization


On Armed Forces day, and every other day-- we salute you.

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