The USA Civil Peace Flag

The USA Civil Peace Flag

The American flag is a common sight in the United States. This beautiful national treasure represents freedom and patriotism, to name just two of its commonly associated features. When many people see our nation’s flag wave in the breeze, it brings about a feeling of true love and appreciation for our country.

As we know the stars and stripes associated with the American flag, there’s another flag associated with our nation that is much less commonly known. The USA civil peace flag is one that some may see from time to time but aren’t familiar with it.

Here’s a bit of information on the USA Civil Peace Flag:

What is the USA Civil Peace Flag?

The USA civil peace flag is a symbol that was created to be flown during a time of peace. This flag has color-inverted stars and vertical stripes. It’s not a commonly viewed flag but it is one that you might see from time to time. People either have the flag at their homes or may wear clothing and accessories with this symbol on it. This flag stands for civil jurisdiction under common law and the U.S. Constitution.

When is the USA Civil Peace Flag Flown?

The United States civil peace flag is flown by civilians at their homes or at other non-military buildings during a time of peace. This flag can be flown at private homes, but you may not come across this symbol too often. However, it’s good to know about this symbol in case you happen to see it around your town in the United States.

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