Why a Brokered Convention is Patriotic?

Why a Brokered Convention is Patriotic?

When the issue of a brokered convention arises, the presidential nominee process takes a different turn. Usually when a political party heads to its national convention there is a specific candidate in mind as the party's presidential nominee. However, there may come a time when there is no set frontrunner at the time of the convention. It's in this instance when a brokered convention takes place.

If one candidate hasn't earned the majority of delegate votes prior to the convention, more than one ballot will be needed to choose a nominee. Rounds of voting on the convention floor will follow and will only end once there is a clear winner.  

The Patriotism Surrounding a Brokered Convention

When a brokered convention occurs, a patriotic scene emerges. Rather than just pick a name out of a hat and choose a presidential nominee, a painstaking ballot process ensues. The ballot process is carefully thought out and executed to ensure that the party's candidate is chosen fairly. Delegates, rather than be attached to the individual they were supposed to vote for in the beginning, are provided with the freedom to choose the candidate they think will best serve the country as the presidential nominee. The delegates are exercising their patriotic freedom by selecting the right person for the job and ultimately the best individual to lead the United States of America.  

A brokered convention is patriotic because it involves individuals voting for the individual who they believe will be the best bet for our country, not because they were instructed to do so. When the delegates vote in the various ballots, they are no longer restricted to voting for who they came to vote for at the beginning of the convention. They have the free will to consider the qualities of the candidates and vote for the one who will be the ideal presidential nominee for their political party.

Although brokered conventions don't come into play too often, these are prime examples of patriotism and how patriotism can play a part in the presidential nominee selection process.

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