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Manufacturing in the USA means guaranteed jobs for fellow Americans and growing small businesses.

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The term 'Made in USA' speaks of exccellent craftsmanship, quality and a superior product that you can feel good about buying and wearing.

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Working to end our reliance on the exports of other countries by buying our products made right here at home!

Here at Flag Shirt, we know a lot of customers love to buy American-made; we're listening! Our goal is to continue adding as much Made in USA gear that we can.

Join us in our dedication to the American Spirit, and help us honor and spread patriotism: Buy Made in USA!

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You have been blessed with the God given honor of being a true American! No logo captures the power and spirit of freedom like the United States Flag, our ultimate symbol. That is exactly what we do here at Flag Shirt, providing you the brand that confidently confirms who you truly are. Our brand new, top-of-the-line collection is now available and nothing says Made in the USA more than patriotic shirts and gear that actually is!

Men we have you covered with patriotic shirts, polos, zip jackets, caps, belts, socks and even athletic gear to leave the right impression on your friends and family on any occasion. Ladies, you are special to us too. On top of our remarkable patriotic shirts, jackets, running shorts and July 4th shirts, we made sure to offer you a selection of scoop and V-neck tops, tanks, and Americana chiffon tunics all proudly Made in the USA. With our new collection at Flag Shirt, you won’t have to choose between fashionable or patriotic. Our stylish patriotic shirts and apparel remind everyone all year round the pleasure and beauty of being a true American.

Whether you are cooking at a BBQ, watching American football at your local sports grill, or gathering underneath the beautiful 4th of July sky, you and your loved ones are united. Our Flag Shirt clothing serves to be an extension of what you already are, a family perfectly made in the USA. The Red, White and Blue is the picture-perfect look on you, so represent what we already know is the greatest nation in the world.

Today is the day you get what is rightfully yours. The proud patriotism and respect of being an American, all embodied in The Flag Shirt’s newest collection: Made in the USA.

All-American apparel because that’s the way it should be!