Flip Sequins USA American Flag Hat

Product Code: JCCAP2710

Flip Sequins USA American Flag Hat

Rock two different styles! This USA and American flag sequin hat will add a chic look to your outfit. Besides from being stylish, this hat will also give your face protection from the sun with a 5 inch brim. This hat is the perfect companion to all outdoors activities or just to add a stunning, patriotic accessory to your outfit. Weather it is a USA hat or an American flag hat, everyone will fall in love with your modern hat.

DETAILS-This cute hat gives you two looks to work with. The first look is a USA hat; USA is in blue sequin with the American flag faintly visible in the background. The second look is an American flag hat, the patriotic flag in red, white and blue proudly shining. No matter what style you choose they will both look gorgeous.

MATERIAL- This sequin flag hat is made of 100% cotton, providing durability needed for daily use. Not only is it strong but it provides insulation and moisture control for the long-standing days outdoors. But don’t worry, even with such strong and durable material this patriotic sequin hat will still be comfortable and breathable when wearing.

FIT- Being a one size fits all, this sequin hat will look amazing on any women that wears it! Not to mention, it has an adjustable closure in the back, perfect for adjusting it to a comfortable fit. It also features a ponytail slot, perfect for messy buns or high ponytails.

WASH and CARE- This patriotic sequin hat should only be hand washed and laid flat to dry.  

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