Women Patriotic Charm Necklace 16"

Product Code: 4517-BB

Women Patriotic Charm Necklace 16"

There is no better way to display your patriotism and love for America than with our Ladies Patriotic Charm Necklace. This honorable piece of jewelry shines brightly, while portraying the essence of our great Nation; from the mini Statue of Liberty to the fully colored uncle Sam top hat. Our Ladies Patriotic Charm Necklace is perfect for pairing with our Women's Patriotic Charm Bracelet and makes an excellent finishing touch to any Fourth of July outfit.

PATRIOTIC JEWELRY- This fashion statement features a red, white, and blue color scheme and beautiful, patriotic charms all around. From the stars of our national flag to the Statue of Liberty, this necklace is sure to appeal any prideful American shopping with us. Also featured is an adjustable lobster clasp for closure and preference.

AMERICAN FLAG ACCESSORIES- Made with a silver chain and acrylic beads for durability and a great finish. This 16-inch necklace can fit all with its adjustable clasp.

4TH OF JULY- You'll love the style and purpose of this USA inspired necklace. Each charm and color represents a different aspect of the American dream and your pride for your country. Perfectly divided by a red or blue bead, an American Flag charm, and the symbols of USA for an amazing and equal expression.

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