5 Patriotic Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day

5 Patriotic Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a time to show honor, respect, and remembrance for those American patriots who lost their lives fighting for this great nation of ours. Memorial Day had its first beginnings back in 1868 when General John A. Logan put wreaths on Civil War soldier graves and proclaimed there be a day of national observance of the sacrifice of military members. The day was originally referred to as Decoration Day. It wasn’t until 1971 when Memorial Day became a federal holiday and would be celebrated on the last Monday of May each year.

As Memorial Day approaches, many individuals may wonder how best to embrace the spirit of the holiday and show our deepest appreciation for the men and women who died fighting for our country. Here are five patriotic ways to celebrate Memorial Day:

Attend a Memorial Day Service

Many cities and towns hold Memorial Day services. You can attend this remembrance ceremony to show your respect for those who died fighting for our country. Some of the ceremonies feature wreath laying and guest speaker presentations about the holiday and local heroes.

Pay Your Respects at a Veterans Cemetery

Another way to celebrate Memorial Day is to pay your respects at a veterans cemetery. You might have a local cemetery that is the site of military hero graves. You can visit these locations, pay your respects, and even bring a wreath or flowers to lay down.

Volunteer at a Veterans Home

Your local veterans home may look for community member volunteers to help with various tasks around the facility. You may be able to plant flowers outside for the residents to enjoy or donate useful items for the veterans, such as games and books.  

Visit a Military Memorial

There are many military memorials located across the U.S., so you’re likely to have one in your local area. Memorial Day is the perfect time to visit a military memorial, whether it’s your first time there or even if you’ve been there before. You can visit the military memorial site and learn more about this specific landmark and its historic significance as you celebrate Memorial Day.

Attend a Memorial Day Parade

Parades are a popular Memorial Day pastime. Not only do these gatherings provide a way to bring the community together but they offer a way to show respect and remembrance for our military heroes. Many veterans groups and military members attend and participate in Memorial Day parades, so it’s an ideal place to show respect for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Show Patriotism on Memorial Day

No matter how you choose to spend this day of honor and reflection, you can show your individual patriotism by wearing appropriate Memorial Day attire.

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