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Meet The Oldest Living Pearl Harbor Survivor

Joseph C. Eskenazi turned 105 earlier this year, and is the oldest known survivor of the Pearl Harbor attacks. He had enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1941, just mere months before the attacks occurred. That morning, he was awoken from his Schofield Barracks room just 17 miles from Pearl Harbor. He ran outside and witnessed a low-flying Japanese airplane drop a bomb about 150 feet away. Eskenazi, just 22 years old at the time, immediately raised his hand to volunteer to help clear bombed-out railroad tracks so other soldiers could move heavy equipment and repair the airfield. While in the vehicle, one last plane strafed him and machine gun fire erupted all around him. Luckily, he did not get...

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In The Words of Lee Greenwood, This Patriot Is "Proud To Be An American"

Here at Flag Shirt, we are always thrilled to showcase some of our most patriotic customers! This month's Patriot Highlight is Christian Durante. Christian shares he has had the privilege to serve the American people for 8 years as a federal employee working in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. "I love my country, I am grateful for my country, I am privileged to serve my country both as a career and in volunteering for the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary", says Christian. He shares he is a proud customer of Flag Shirt and always wears his Flag Shirt gear around the big patriotic holidays! "I love your USA Baseball Cap which I wear very often....

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North Idaho Sparklers Proudly Display Their Patriotism!

Here at Flag Shirt, we are always thrilled to showcase some of our most patriotic customers! This month's Patriot Highlight is a group who have dubbed themselves the North Idaho Sparklers.  The North Idaho Sparklers are a western themed non-profit performance group. In addition to performing in parades and local events, they provide monthly support to other non-profits and charities. "We were established in January 2023 a group of like-minded women and men that wanted to give back to our beautiful communities of North Idaho. Our vision reflected in our mission statement: To enhance the lives of our members and community through goodwill, kindness, dance and charitable contributions." The group shares "We were so proud and honored to wear your Patriotic shirts...

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A Vet's Lifetime Service to the United States

Meet Armando Soliz, a Veteran and Flag Shirt customer we are proud to highlight! Armando served as a Security Police Military Working Dog Handler in the Air Force from 1971 to 1975. After serving, he became a Paramedic. Then, he was encouraged to join the California Highway Patrol where he served for 12 years. He is a published author, and is an active volunteer for Honor Flight Kern County and Portrait of a Warrior.  Thank you for your lifelong service to not only our nation, but your community as well, Armando!

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These Two Navy Vets Love to Show Off Their Flag Shirts!

Meet this month's Patriot Highlight, Jeff and Stacey! They are both United Stated Navy Veterans, and say they are proud to support our Armed Forces men and women who serve this country. Jeff and Stacey met in their US Navy technical school in Pensacola, FL, in 1986. She served 10 years, and he recently retired after serving 22 years! They have many family members that have also proudly served. Stacey shares with us that they recently found Flag Shirt for some new patriotic gear. "Thank you for providing quality clothing that boasts our "red, white, and blue." Thank you Stacey and Jeff for your service to our great country and showing off your American pride with a little help from us...

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