Testimonials - The Flag Shirt

I went on the internet to find performance flag shirts. Yours was the only one I could find. I presently have a cotton flag shirt that get hotat parades or other holiday functions. I am hoping this works for me. In reading the reviews, several said that the sizinggoes smaller so I went with a XXl instead of an XL.

Jerry | Kaukauna, Wisconson

Hi again Steve and Brett,
My wife saw your flyer in the package of shirts you sent me this week. She loves the shirt she bought from you. She has purchased this type of (flag shirt) at the San Diego County Fair but not from a business. Congrats again on 65 years!

Doug | San Diego, California

I found your site while searching the web. I’m hoping to receive it by next Wednesday, the 24th. I need it for a special occasion on Thursday.

Jeanie | Rudolph, Ohio

Hello Steven and Brett,
I have been looking for a “discrete”, not too loud patriotic tee/polo shirt on the Internet where I found your ad.
I am a proud immigrant, this is my 58th year in this GREAT USA and I will wear this shirt with pride!
San Diego is my favorite place also.
All the best

Bela | San Diego, California

Got a shirt as a gift, & then looked online to order another one. Great Product!
God Bless America!!!!!

Bill | Cudahy, Wisconsin

Steve & Britt,
I am very impressed with the personal touch regarding my purchase! No one else would take the time to send out an email, even if auto-generated, including myself. ;)
My three golf friends, and I, are going to Las Vegas to play in a golf tournament at the very exclusive Shadow Creek golf club on Memorial Day weekend. As Texans, we wanted to represent our wonderful state. We loved your shirts and caps, which I found online through a Google search. I actually loved the leggings, but thought them to be too much. ;)
Thank you

Jean | Austin, Texas

I saw someone with a white tank top on that had a flag that said “Back to Back Champs” and I wanted to get it for my son. So I was sitting at the pool and googled the shirt description on my phone. Your website was one of the top results. I clicked on a link that was ahead of your website but they were all out of the size that I needed and they were more expensive. This is the first time I”ve heard of your company but I will definitely buy from you again!

Chris | Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

well... good morning!
I have been wanting a patriotic shirt to wear and I wanted one more classy than at the local department stores.
I saw one I liked on a banner add by Liligal, but the fabric was polyester. Since all of our patriotic holidays are in the summer, I prefer cotton. I just search w/ Google for patriotic shirts and found your site.
I am looking forward to receiving the shirt.

Vicky | Center Point, Texas

Hi Stephen,
My husband Fred is a LEO for the state of Maryland, has served in Desert Storm, been a Vol. Rescue Diver as well as a Vol. Firefighter. With all that said we get all kinds of Publications having to do with the above mentioned.
In December we attended the 77th Pearl Harbor Ceremony on the 7th on Oahu at Pearl Harbor and dress code was Hawaiian Business Causal. I know the shirt he wore for the occassion was gotten from you all. I'm a bit of a Steppford wife and when Fred said I need a couple Patriotic Button downs for our trip you just find them. If you knew my husband you would understand. He's a Big Deal to many and my very own Super Hero!
It is my belief that I either found you through an internet search or one of the many publication that we receive. We actually now have had a flyer floating around the house since November. The flyer is what inspired this last order. Sorry I couldn't be more help on that front. My husband gets many compliments on his shirts so Thanks so much!
Have a Great Day and Better Tomorrow.

Lisa | Baltimore, Maryland

I found your website quite by accident a few years ago while searching for patriotic inspired polo shirts that were actaully made in usa as a fathers day gift. My husband is a former marine and insists on american made clothing...no easy task to find. I purchased one for him and my son. My son loved his so much but has since out grown it. This purchase was a replacement of his favorite in a bigger size.

Luci | Westminster, Maryland

Dear Stephen
in reply to your thank you note:
I have been searching the web for an American flag style shirt for quite a while. In Bristol Rhode Island we have the a HUGE 4th of July Parade. People from all over the USA parade through the streets of Bristol . Bands, clubs, Boy scouts, Girl Scouts, groups from Pennsylvania, (street steppers) … hundreds of groups.
My cousin lives on the route and has had Bar-b-ques for friends and family for years and years. This year (I am an RN) I will be helping her set up and get everything ready for the people who come.
SO! ….. My need for an American patriot show -off !!!!! I actually have been looking for slacks. But I am not able to find any that have bright colors. The slacks for women have an ‘antique’ look and are really faded.
I am looking forward to your shirt. I must confess …. you do not explain the sizes. what a ’small’ or ‘medium’ cover. I ordered a ‘large’, to be safe, but I am not a large person. so I hope I did the right thing. You might want your web-creator to explain what small/medium/large…actually cover in USA sizes.
thank you for your note. If you ever have the opportunity to watch our famous 4th of July parade… It is the oldest continuing parade in the USA; and our streets in Bristol have a Red/White/Blue line for the median on all roads in town.
Great Fun.

Miranda | Bristol, Rhode Island

I looked for flag shirts when my friend was running for county commissioner. We had to be in several parades. I found my shirts on EBay. Now your ads come on Facebook and that is where I found the visor I ordered. Can’t wait to get it

Linda | La Junta, Colorado

I came across your website when searching on the internet for "American flag shorts."

Your site was one of the top results and your product was the favorite among the suggestions shared with my friends. We are all planning to match for a Fourth of July weekend golf outing.

Prior to finding your site I would rely on local retail, which is not always guaranteed for branded items like yours.

Thanks for reaching out! I am looking forward to receiving my shorts!

Jordan | Royal Oak, Michigan

Headed to Normandy for D-Day 75th anniversary and wanted to look like a proud American.

Hope | Lebanon, Ohio

Several years ago, I was looking for a Patriotic shirt to wear to our church worship service honoring the veterans. I simply Google searched patriotic shirt and your website came up. There was no specific store that I bought this type of shirt before.

Denise | Indianapolis, Indiana

I Love the idea of all the American designs y’all have.

Connie | Porter, Texas 

Steve- my friends and I are going to the Ryder cup and I was looking for a shirt to be able to wear at the event. I saw the shirt on shopping at Google. My buddy and I love the stuff. I got the Freedom shirt and he bought the flag shirt and sweatshirt. I'll probably be back to buy a hat and potentially a sweatshirt too depending on the weather. Love your site, Thanks

Mark | Lower Gwynedd, Pennsylvania

Gentlemen,I have to let you know that ever since I received my order and began wearing it I have had nothing but complements. For the adults where did get it, outstanding, I've never seen a T-shirt like that, impressive. From the younger crowd who are all those guys? I begin to tell them with short history lesson. On average most will say WOW I did't know that. You have an impressive line. Keep up the great work. I'll be ordering again. Thank you. A very satisfied customer.

US Army-Sgt. Rick | Shorewood, Wisconsin

I was looking for a replacement for a shirt that my son LOVES and wants to wear for all 4 years of his high school years on picture day it brought me to you :) I found not only the shirt he is in love with but other great products that he will love. They are going to make the best Christmas gift ever!!

Christina | Monroe, Wisconsin

Thank you. I received my order . Love the America tank top :)

Kay Dee | Los Alamitos, California

My husband saw the colorful brochure that was included in my last order and admired a particular polo shirt, so I just ordered it for him.....It will go well with one of the flag hats I recently bought (which he wore golfing today)! We received the 3 extra hats I recently purchased (all very nice), plus I already had one that I hadn't yet gifted -- giving us 4 flag hats that husband is giving out to his golfing friends. My guess is that this will precipitate further orders!!! Great products, great quality, great prices!

Sheri Marie | The Villages, Florida

Hi, Nice follow-up email. I found you searching on Google for T-shirts with American flag. Looking forward to getting our tie-dyed flag t-shirts to wear at our RV club patriotic lunch next Saturday!

Tom | San Diego, California

Hi Steve, I'm a volunteer poll worker here in Bangor, Maine. This election I wanted to find something classy (but not too in-your-face) to wear for election day. I thought the lady's polo shirt would fit the bill. Charlie, the poll warden, hasn't seen it yet, but I suspect he'll be OK with it :-)

Jean | Bangor, Maine

In today's world, seeing Hometown family businesses still thriving sheds a positive light! Be happy to send pics. Going 3rd week of September

Sally | Schaller, Iowa

I was an admirer of the shirts y'all sent to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert for a bit this week! Thanks!

Carol | Cambridge, Massachusetts

Last year, my buddies and I ordered 4 polos for a golf outing on the 4th of July. I was actually looking at the polos available for this year's outing and stumbled across this hat. UPDATE: We ended up winning and I definitely think these shirts had something to do with it!

Michael | Rockford, Illinois

The gentleman with your shirt on is an acquaintance of Richard "Rick" Gonzales, candidate for Constable, Precinct 6 (Houston, Tx). I googled "Flag shirts" and found your website.

Gina | Houston, Texas

I have a collection of patriotic and flag shirts, 6 different styles and color combinations (I can send a photo of my summer collection) for years, originally purchased at The Flag Lady Store, here in Columbus Ohio. Every time I wear one at a US historical site i.e. (Liberty Bell, US Mint, military installation, Civil War battle grounds such as Valley Forge, Antietam, & many others) I get positive comments from other visitors.

Fred | Columbus, Ohio

Ordered stars and stripes golf shirts before from your company, and could not believe the unbelievable quality of the shirts I received. I will be a customer for a very long time.

Daniel | Niagara Falls, New York

Steve got your message and Karen's. Seems like you have a great company!

My husband is retired Navy and we have been having debate parties... We do every 4 years!! Very patriotic!!

We were watching the speeches last night from Rubio or Cruz. The camera angle was from the back of the room and my husband is interested in that since he also retired from ABC (behind the camera), but we noticed a man with a flag shirt on and I said I wanted one and he did too so I googled and found your company!!!

Hope you have a presence at all the rallies and debates and election headquarters! Maybe send a shirt to some on the air national news people!! Talk show hosts.

We decorate our house with flag bunting during this season on the inside. Always a flag outside!

I would love a rhinestone women's flag hat!! Do you sell those...

Helping my brother move this week but I will watch your video later and when I wear the shirt and people ask I will give them your info!! Some would rather order by phone. Is that okay too?

Thank you.

Jeanne | Escondido, California