Testimonials - The Flag Shirt

Thank you very much for such a great shirt to honor all those we lost on that horrible day. Look forward to wearing my shirt proudly. I love my flag sweatshirt that I ordered previously. Just an idea, I think you should look into making a Flag tennis shoe. A well made shoe showing our colors is something I would wear. God bless you and your family.

Elaine | Lake Mary, Florida

We did get our shirts very quickly! We originally ordered 4 shirts and the sizing was off for us. I ordered for my husband's singing group, ShBoom. They are singing the National Anthem at the Charlotte Motor Speedway on 9/11 for "Laps for Life" Blood Drive event. I quickly ordered two more shirts because I was fearful that they wouldn't arrive in time for the performance. The first order I paid for expedited shipping and they came so quickly that I did not pay extra for my second order trusting that they would arrive in plenty of time. I was not disappointed!!! The shirts arrived in a timely manner and we have since shipped two of the original shirts back to you! We really loved the pair sunglasses that were included with our first order and the guys and gal are considering ordering so that everyone can have a pair. The guys love the shirts and are looking forward to wearing them next week! I will try to get some good pictures and send them to you!

Roxan | Marion, North Carolina

Hi this is Larry. I recently purchased an American flag Polo Shirt. When I received your product I said WOW! VERY NICE! Your have backed yourself with love and professionalism and leadership. And that's a beautiful American experience to give to a customer. Like always America your INFLUENCIAL, IMPRESSIVE AND BEAUTIFUL. Your might be Question I why is someone in Canada purchasing American flag clothing for? In short 3 years ago I did a DNA test with MY HERITAGE and their labratories out in Texas. I have 9 ethnicities in me. Russian, Ukrainian, polish, Scandinavian,  Irish, Welsh, Nigerian, South American and American/South Carolina. My Ancestors left South Carolina before the American civil war and came to Canada/Nova Scotia. Latter my parents moved here to Montreal Quebec. America has stood by me and has been supplying me with Anthropology/Religion studies. America has stood by me and supplied me with ancestry Information. America has stood by me and supplied me with American history and southern history information. Everything in my room is from  Beautiful America. I have an altar in my room and above it is the sacred American flag and beside it is the sacred first national flag of Confederacy. And a smaller flag the sacred southern cross. The sacred battle flag. I light candles and pledge my allegiance  to America everyday, before doing my studies. America has been by my side for quite a few years helping me to develop and grow. If people down here don't like it. well that's their problem and that's really a problem of ignorance, of not understanding my American brothers and sister and all the hard work their doing and of not understanding our American leaders and all the hard work their doing.  Thanks again for everything. Keep up the great American flag shirt/clothing services. Kind regards.

Larry | Montreal, Quebec

I found you a couple of years ago just by doing an internet search for patriotic shirts. We buy shirts from various places, both patriotic and Christian in nature. Thank YOU for your company and your patriotic stand. God bless America!

Theresa | Pomona, California

Hey Steve, We received our hoodies and we love them. GREAT PRODUCT! We are going on a 9/11 motorcycle ride and will were them proudly..... They are not real heavy and I love that. Thank you again.

Diane | Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

This is my second order. Very satisfied with first order. Ordered XXL realized too big, you replaced with XL no problem. I shared your company on my Facebook page. I believe it was a Facebook tag that got my attention, but not sure. When I wear yo.ur polo shirt, I get a good amount of compliments. Best wishes for your continued success.

Jerry | Visalia, California

Very satisfied with my order! I continue to get compliments on mine that I ordered in June, so I ordered some for other family members! Thanks for staying in touch.

Martha | Schenectady, New York

Yes I got the Flag Shirt and I love it!!!! I really wanted to order just a Large, but it wasn't available, so I got an Ex Large. I have worn it and got compliments on it!!! Thanks!

Therese | Enid, Oklahoma

This is my second time ordering from your Company. I found you online the first time. I am part of the local flag core for the Eagles Lodge in Cheviot, Ohio. We all try to wear the same type of shirts when caring the Flag. This one fits right in. The only reason I am ordering this one is the other is showing wear. Thank you for providing these great quality shirts.

Peggy | Cincinnati, Ohio

I love your shirts! I buy them for myself and as gifts for family members, clients and friends. My 92 year old mother LOVES your Flag sunglasses!!! Repeat customer!

Paul | Kenosha, Wisconsin

The shirt is exactly as I wanted it to be. I am saving it for the season opening of the Gulf Coast Banjo Society in October. I have been a member since 2000 but don't play anymore due to my health. Did you get an order from Dr. Mary Burton? I gave her your ordering info and she said she would order for her father-in-law.

Bud | Venice, Florida

I received the shirt in record time. I had ordered it for my 12 year old grandson's birthday. He had seen one on Amazon but it was unavailable. The color of the stripes was more a wine color than red but he loved it, so that is all that matters! He put it on immediately and still had it on when i left. I'm sure we'll be ordering more of your products in the future.

Gwendolny | Columbia, Tennessee

I received my shirt. I am very happy with it. It fit perfectly, the man’s shirt is a gift and I won’t be giving it to my Friend for a couple of months. I also ordered three other shirts and my husband loved his. Being a veteran He was so excited to get them. I got it for him for his 80th birthday. No matter how old the veteran Is they loved to get patriot shirts. I really think you should send out catalogs, we will be buying more Then just shirts. I bought the ones with the Eagle on them. GREAT LOOKING.

Rosemarie | Selma, Texas

I did receive the shirt but haven't worn it yet. It is a nice shirt and appears well made. I am very pleased with your service;  timely and packaged well. Will recommend your website to others.

Marsha | Sorrento, Florida

I am simply a patriot who loves our country and our flag, and I found your company on the Internet. My four sons and husband wear a lot of Under Armour clothing, so I was especially interested in your patriotic UA items. (I wear it, too, but I didn't see any women's patriotic UA clothing on your site at this time. I'll check again in the future!) With appreciation for you and your company!

Anna | Cleveland Heights, Ohio

I found your company this past weekend while trying to google the shirt that Gary Woodland of the PGA was wearing. It was boldly striped in the front with "AMERICA' vertically down the back. I believe it may have been a Puma shirt. Anyway, I was able to find the shirts that I inevitably bought from your company on your website. I wear my colors 365 days a year, and your shirt will get plenty of exposure in Ohio and Florida. Congratulations on your longevity and success as a small business and customer service oriented company.

Robert | Brunswick, Ohio

Usually I don’t take the time to respond to most of the huge conglomerate’s silly customer feedback requests! I’m assuming you guys might be a close family run business. If not, silly me! This is what customers want. Good work and actually I ordered from you guys a couple of years ago!  👍

Geoff | Coventry , Rhode Island

Hello. Ordered four shirts. All were delivered and we love them. I messed up the size on one and had to return for an exchange. Everything was taken care of very quickly and I received the new size in no time. We would highly recommend The Flag Shirt to anyone. Watch for your shirts during the PGA Presidents Cup coverage from Melbourne, Australia in December. We are attending the tournament and wanted patriotic shirts for the trip! 😁

Julie | Derby, Kansas

How much fun to hear from you. I basically Went online and selected your company because of the variety of products you had. A bunch of us are going to an event and want people to know who we are!  All the best to you!

Susan | Austin, Texas

The style of this shirt is flattering; the material soft and comfortable. I like the round neck and the longer hemline in the back. It is not as bright as it appears on the website, but that is not a problem. I also like the rhinestones on the stars. I am very happy with this shirt.

Susan | Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Got it, love it and Nice!

David | Gold River , California

I'm a happy repeat customer!! I purchase for myself and give as gifts to my son, grandson and clients. Recently I gave one to one of my best clients. He rides motorcycle and he always liked the car/flag shirt they I proudly wear and I saw that you had a motorcycle/flag button shirt. I ordered it with him in mind and he absolutely loves it. His wife was so jealous that I bought him one and not one for her, I had to order the zip up sweat shirt and the poncho for her today!! LOL. A very happy repeat customer!

Paul | Kenosha, Wisconsin 

Hello, I googled it and your company came up. I buy a new shirt for our Veterans Day concert every year. I appreciate the wide varieties of shirts and larger sizes as well. Thank you for being in America and promoting our country with the American flag.

Paula | Swainsboro, Georgia

Got it, looks nice, haven't worn it yet but will be taking it on my vacation to the northwest. Likely will wear it when we visit Mt. Rushmore!

Brian | Ballwin, Missouri

My husband loves his new flag shirt!  The fabric is really nice quality, design is beautiful and the fit is perfect! Thank you for your prompt delivery!

Gail | Greenwood Village , Colorado

Got it fairly quickly, look and feel great. No problems and I've worn both shirts several times already. I wear a flag shirt every time I perform onstage and these are a great addition to my collection which was getting kinda worn. Thanks.

Jimmy | Memphis , Tennessee

The flag shirt I ordered this time was for my son-in-law. He is licensed to do fireworks displays and he does several of them every July. He always wears patriotic shirts so the Eagle, flag and fireworks Tshirt was perfect for him. He loved it. It arrived in record time and in perfect condition. A few weeks ago I had ordered my husband the Mount Rushmore Flag polo shirt after he saw somebody wearing one the 4th of July. When that shirt arrived with the flyer showing your other shirts I knew the eagle, flag fireworks would be perfect for my son-in-law. If my husband had not happened to see someone wearing the Mount Rushmore shirt we would not have even know such a thing existed so it was pure luck that we saw it. We have more clothes than we will ever wear so we rarely buy anything new, but these shirts of yours are wonderful.

Frances | Dushore, Pennsylvania

The short sleeve patriotic red, white & blue shirt with sparkly stars and more was the first shirt I saw on your Facebook page which caught my attention. However, it wasn't my first purchase from you. That link took me to viewing your other women's shirts and then your men's shirt. I purchased a similarly styled but 3/4 sleeve shirt for myself and a more conservative white polo type shirt with red and blue with stars on the collar and short sleeves for my husband. We first wore them on the 4th of July and got so many compliments that day and the days I have worn mine since. A couple of weeks ago I decided I had to have the shirt which first got my attention and, since receiving it, have gotten just as many compliments on it. I've given your name to several friends who asked where I got my shirts. Thank you for making such a fine product.

Kathy | Novi, Michigan

Congratulations on building and growing a small entrepreneurship!! You are the backbone of what makes this a great country. Wishing you all the success in the world!!

David | Gold River , California

I bought three shirts.   I loved the two 3/4 sleeve shirts and have worn them and received complements too!  However, the kimono I purchased was very cheap looking and I will be returning it. . . just haven't had a chance yet.   Also, it would be nice to have more 'made in the U. S. A. ' short sleeve patriotic shirts to choose from :-)

Cindy | Luisville, Kentucky

We received the shirts in good order.   I’m keeping the women’s short sleeve full flag and stripes, and my husband is keeping the medium woven short sleeve (the small was a big too snug).   The only thing I would suggest is that there be a men’s version of the women’s full flag shirt.   The embroidered stars look fantastic!  It’s like wearing a very good flag.   We’re going to DC next week and plan on wearing them.   I’m sure we’ll stand out. Thanks for the follow up.

Linda | New York, New York

It was nice hearing from you concerning your company. I found you by a lengthy search on the net to find patriotic shirts. I have had a “Cody James” shirt identical to your  Benji-Nat-0001 for a couple of years. I ordered 2 size large for 2 friends of ours who have gone out of their way to assist my wife and I. Several times , when they saw me with that shirt on, they have asked if I would take it off and give to them. When the shirts arrived today, we found the shirts are mis-sized. After speaking with your customer service rep, Ann, it appears the shirts should have been labelled as XXL because they have a chest measurement of 50”. Ann is checking shirts you have in stock and will replace these 2 with 2 that have a chest meas. of 44” (large). Ann told me she would send out the replacements with a return authorization. I am a US Navy Vet having served on the USS Higbee DD806 from Sept. , 1964 thru June, 1966, the last 2 years home-ported out of Yokosuka, Japan. Most of those 2 years was spent on patrol and duty in the Tonkan Gulf and S. China Sea most time close to the Vietnam coast. I trust we thru Ann can get the shirts in the proper size for our friends. I ordered 2 other shirts for myself a day later and hope they come sized right. Thanks again and God Bless you and yours. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

Keith | Bear Lake, Michigan

I have most of the cotton flag shirts you have sold over the years. Of course, I was born on the 4th of July. I have been wanting a shirt other than cotton for comfort and just recently found this shirt which is identical to one of my cotton shirts. Thought I would try it out. Feels great.

Tom | Braselton, Georgia 

We received the Flag Shirt and have worn it once. Received many compliments. He plans to wear at a musical performance at Louisiana Veterans Home.

Julia | Collinston, Louisiana

Yeah, I got my order Steve and I love it!  The snake shirt I was a little worried about because of the material, but it turned out great.  Most comfortable shirt I have.  Going to try and get more.

Gary | Nipomo, California

Got the shirt a couple of days ago. It came a lot faster than expected and my husband loves it. Fits great and is good quality. It is all he hoped it would be.

Frances | Dushore, Pennsylvania

I recently joined an acapella group and they actually gave me one of your shirts to wear during a performance of the national anthem at the Dayton Dragons minor league baseball game here in Dayton, Ohio. Apparently oh, they had a few extras on hand but it was a men's large and it was ridiculously huge on me! So I figured I would just go ahead and order my own and I will give them their large one back so that they can give it to the next new member that it fits. So that's how I found out about you, I looked at the website on the tag. I have never purchased a shirt anything like this before.

Dyan | Fairborn, Ohio

We got our shirts and the quality was better than expected. We will be wearing them to when we play in the worlds largest golf outing on 8/5 and I’m sure their light weight will help us keep cool on a hot August afternoon. If you feel the urge to help support this cause I have attached a link.

Ron | Cincinnati , Ohio

I got my shirt past Wednesday and wore it for a golf tournament on Monday the 22nd. I fit great and I got multiple requests about where I got it. I am hoping you will see a rise in purchases from the Pennsylvania area! Thanks!!

Joseph | Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania

Got it! Will be delivered to some Swedes who love US. Thanks for quick turnaround.

Torsten | North Barrington, Illinois

Great shirt, great quality… delivered as promised!

Ron | Pensacola, Florida

I received the shirt and I love it. I was very pleased with the entire ordering process and I would do it again.

David | San Antonio, Texas

Hi Steve, I believe I found you on a Facebook advertisement last year when I purchased something. I never purchased clothing like this before. I was satisfied with my purchase last year and continue to get emails often. I wanted something new this year and came back again. I enjoy the different styles and selections. Thank you for having this site. I share it with others who are looking for something patriotic too.

Robert | Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Well I think there was a flyer in something I bought on Amazon and I noticed you had a “jersey” that looks like Spiritwear’s design. I like that design a lot but can’t wear white. So, I went with the next best thing. I also tried to find the “jersey” design in Men’s without success. I would be interested in that. Congratulations! I just retired after 45 years! How you do it after 65 amazes me!

Bunny | San Diego, California

Stephen, A neighbor told me about your firm several years ago and I have been a customer ever since. I had never bought from any other company that was offering flag style shirts before knowing about your company... still haven't. Like your products.

Ray | Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Will try and get picture when my husband opens up his present and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE! My husband was in the Air Force in the early 70's and my Dad was in the Army during the Korean War.

Deborah | Vancouver, Washington

Hi Stephen, Thanks for your call, and more importantly THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE! It is YOU and your fellow warriors who have made our country and world safe. I am forever grateful. Wow, how personalized that you called! To think, you didn't have someone from India call me (ha ha ha). I bought shirts from you in the remote past, and frequently look at things on your website. I am a patriotic proud American, and thank God EVERY DAY for the opportunity to live in these United States, and the Villages. I was born in Miami and raised in Ft. Lauderdale. How great you’re in Florida. I LOVE your products, you have such a nice selection. Have 2 pair of running shoes made to look like flags as well. Work as a nurse practitioner in the villages, and wear scrub pants and jackets with a patriotic top EVERY SINGLE DAY. Many of the patients actually come in wearing patriotic tops to see me. Your website comes up when one types in "patriotic clothing” on Google. Thanks again so much for the call, and great products you sell. Once again, thank you so very much!

Eileen | The Villages, Florida

I found you by doing a Google search of 'men's July 4th shirts'; your website was among the first listed and the one that looked the most authentic and trustworthy.

Mary Ann | Fort Worth, Texas

Stephen, I come from a very military family and have always been a supporter of our country. I play in a band and was looking for an American flag scarf that I could hang from my microphone for our shows. I bought the only scarf that you had. While it was not an American flag, it was red, white and blue so it was as close as I could come. It will be tied to my mic stand tomorrow night at our next show and probably all shows going forward.

RT | Euless, Texas

Hello Gentlemen, My husband actually found your website by searching for USA hats. Our son plays for the United States Dek Hockey Federation (USDHF) and represented the USA U-14 team in Slovakia last summer. The team was the first U-14 team representing the United States in the history of the World Championship games and they ended up winning the silver medal (lost to a very tough Slovakia team). The games are held every 2 years and try-outs for the next World Championship Game begins this June. The next Championship game will be held in Finland (June 2020). There were 22 kids (chosen from over 100 who tried out) from mostly the eastern states of the US and their families that made the trip. As you can imagine wearing US gear is a must when supporting your team, so I will be sure to share your website with the new team and their families so we can support our team and country with pride. Thank you for your email.

Kris | Greensburg, Pennsylvania

Stephen, I have bought several shirts over the past few years and have enjoyed them all. I can’t remember how I first found your company but I’m glad I did. My dad and uncles fought in WW1, WW2 and Korea. I consider them all patriots and great Americans. I fought in Vietnam in 1967 and 1968. I served with a bunch of great guys and a I am sorry things turned out the way it did in that war. As we get ready to celebrate the 75th anniversary of D day I get sad to think of all that died in that invasion. One only needs to go to the national cemetary in Arlington to see all that gave it all for this great nation. I wish you continued success in your business.

Dan | Tampa, Florida

Hello Mr Stern, Thank you for reaching out to me on my order placed today. Last year at Hancock County Fair in Findlay Ohio there was a banjo player wearing one of your shirts. He was the one that told me about your site. I am a member of Fort Findlay DAR chapter which is part of Ohio State Daughters of American Revolution. I was accepted into DAR last July. It is required that you trace your lineage back to a member that fought in the Revolutionary War. My patriot is Rueben Smith buried only 5 miles from our home in Michigan. He would be my eighth generation back. He fought with the Green Mountain Boys. I am always looking for Americana clothing and accessories. So glad you provide our great country with clothing of our American Flag colors.

Laurie | East China, Michigan

As I start my 66th year on this great earth I needed a good American Flag shirt. I entered American Flag shirt in my search window and several popped up. Yours was the best looking shirts I saw, you had it in my size, and it is a full button front shirt. Most others I saw were pullover type tees, and they don’t fit me very well. I look forward to receiving my shirt and having it ready for the fourth.

Mike | Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Thanks Steve, I have purchased from you for years now - typically around memorial day and the 4th - typically for running, race clothing (I usually will run in some charity event during these holidays.) I think I found you online years ago. Thank you!!

James | Savis, California

I found you through a google search. I was shocked at how difficult finding a nice red / white / blue shirt was – the majority are faded and built for women 1/3 my age! Thank you for your service! My dad is a WWII vet (Okinawa) and I’m fascinated by that era. I could NEVER have done what you did. And if our country were attempting that today, I’m afraid it would be a far different outcome. Looking forward to getting my shirt!

Barbara | Davenport, Indiana

Thank you for the note. I truly appreciate the great customer service. I looked online for a patriotic golf shirt and found the one you sell by AKWA. I like AKWA shirts and really liked the design. I take my daughter every year to a Memorial Day service in Indian Wells, Ca where they bring in a Veteran to talk about his experiences in the Armed Forces. They also have local people provide Patriotic music and a clergy member to pray for our Veterans. I want my 12 year old to love those who have served our country. My dad was a WWII Navy veteran who passed away in January about a month before his 93rd birthday. I will definitely wear your shirt to the service. Thank you and God Bless the USA!

Jeff | Bakersfield, California

Steve, Found your store from an internet search. I’m going to the 75th anniversary of D-Day and wanted to wear something patriotic. I received the shirts this week, they’re great and best of all made in the USA. I’ll be ordering more.

David | Baltimore, Maryland

I found your company on line looking for a hat with a flag on it!!! My son is turning 30 soon and he loves the flag!!! So happy I came across your company. American made sealed the deal... plus my son loves under armour! Thank you both for your service! My father was also a WW2 vet!

Ann | Clinton Township, Michigan

Hi Stephen, I am a veteran and am always looking for patriotic clothes. I got an email from your company and that is how I found your shirt company. I also looked on line and saw good reviews. I have purchased from military companys in the past.

Karen | Avenel, New Jersey

I have purchased from you before. Like flag shirts, but usually not found in my size (3xl). Would like blue or red too if you can get in big sizes. Don’t like underarmor products because they are cut too small. Thanks for the note!

Joe | Folsom, Pennsylvania

Steve, I am a veteran and an extremely patriotic one. I usually buy my shirts through flags & emblems which is the American Legion online store. I saw your shirt on Facebook and really liked it.

Bob, Commander Gold Star Post 191 | Mount Airy, Maryland

Hello Stephen, I was super excited to find your company. Thank you for your email. What a refreshing approach, not only do you appreciate your customers, you take take the time to tell them. I look forward to receiving my order. Thank you for sharing American values, in the fabric of integrity and in the fabric of patriotic wear. God bless you.

Laurette | Gainesville, Texas

I was looking for a short sleeve shirt with a small American flag logo and found your website. I can’t wait to get shirt I ordered, I will tell you more when I get it.

Vlad | Upper Holland, Pensylvanie

Steve and Brett, I found your company via a Google search for "U.S. Flag Polo Shirts." I purchased my shirt to replace my last flag-polo that slowly shrunk over a few decades. (I only wear it a couple of times a year). Since the old is already at Goodwill (still in good condition) I can't tell you the manufacturer. I'm looking forward to the 4th with a new shirt (that fits ;-)

Harry | Stevensville, Montana

Two happy customers wearing their Flag Shirt apparel

Thank you for the opportunity!!! … the very best picture I have doesn’t show a lot of the actual SHIRT … but was wearing one in this picture taken at the Vietnam Wall about 3 years ago. I belong to the National Quilts of Valor® Foundation. We were awarding quilts to Veterans at the Wall when this impromptu picture was taken … the picture is on our QOVF.org website, and on the Quilts of Valor II Documentary that airs on PBS a couple of times a year, and on several magazine covers. SUPER proud of the picture, the cause, AND the shirt!! … I have 4 or 5 different button front shirts, and at least 2 of each and wear them for Quilt Presentations we do, talks that I give about QOV, and LOTS of other places. Seriously proud of the shirts – and they always get rave reviews when I wear them. THANK YOU!!

Elayne | Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Thank you for reaching out. My son's girlfriend took a vacation in Texas over spring break and bought my son a hat. Unfortunately, our puppy decided to chew it up before he even got to wear it. I'm not sure where she purchased it, but the picture I ordered looks identical to the one she purchased, so I am hoping we are good when it gets here! When I first entered the site, it gave me a box to check for free shipping on my first order, and said it had been added to my cart. I'm not sure if there was a certain amount to be spent for the free shipping, but I didn't get it when I ordered, so I am assuming I didn't spend enough.

Dawn | Bakersfield, California

Hello Stephen, I found your site with a Google search while looking for a specific item, which was actually a hat vs. a shirt. It was the American Flag design and has an adjustable cord on it. That feature is actually what sold me, as I was shopping online and looking at a variety of US Flag hats on a number of sites. Now, if it's a windy Fourth of July, I can still wear my new Fourth of July hat :) Congratulations to 65 years in business!

Theresa | Boulder, Colorado

Steve, I found your company on the internet as I was looking for patriotic clothing. I had previously purchased shirts of this variety from Western Warehouse, which became Boot Barn. However they no longer seem to carry the styles, sizes or variety that I need. Rest assured that if the quality and service is what I expect, I will recommend your company to my friends.

Biff | Tucson, Arizona

This is not my first order Steve! I already have a great hooded sweatshirt. Its my favorite ever!

Mike | Plymouth, Massachussets

Did an online search. Last time I got a patriotic shirt it was from Macy’s. Catalog favorites also carries a few, but their quality is not good for price charged.

Carol | Sussex, New Jersey

Morning Steve, I have ordered from your company a few times and to be totally honest I do not remember how I first found out about your fine company. HOWEVER, I would like to add that when wearing one of your patriotic shirts, very frequently I am asked where I bought the shirt from. I make sure to tell them. Thanks again for your interest and have a great day.

Bill | Fillmore, California

Stephen, We found The Flag shirt company on line. We are a non profit that take Veterans to Washington DC. Mid-Michigan Honor Flight. is one of three Hubs in Michigan. I do believe we have ordered over $3,000 in shirts from your company it would be nice to had gotten a break on the shirt being we have bought so many. We like the ways they look on our mission. Our EMTs wear the red shirt and the board members wear the blue.

Diane | Mecosta, Michigan

Good morning Stephen, I did an internet search for patriotic shirt. I never seem to have nice patriotic clothes for the big holidays so I thought I would invest in some items that will help me be patriotic for the whole weekend. I didn’t have any patriotic clothes before this. It is almost impossible to find nice quality ladies patriotic clothes. For men, Tommy Bahama makes nice options, but nothing for women. Looking forward to receiving my order.

Andrea | San Juan Capistrano, California

Thank you for contacting me. I have been visiting the Flag Shirt site for a couple of years. I found your site by a simple web search. Some great looking items. I finally saw a shirt and "almost" matching hat that I just couldn't not order. Can't wait for them to arrive, Memorial Day is just around the corner. Thanks for having such a great selection.

Rick | McKenna, Washington

Thank you for your email. Processing the order and shipping so quickly is also appreciated. I actually work for a garment decorator in Panama City, FL and have access to multiple vendors for tees. The majority of the time this is where I would start if I needed tees. I found you based on an online search. We have a customer who was voted Grand Marshall in a 4th of July parade. Mr. Leon works with the schools to help students get enrolled in the State University located here in town, and is very active in our community. He is one of those people who lights up a room when he walks in and you instantly find yourself smiling. He had asked if we could get him a red white and blue polo for the event. We do not really have access to garments fitting that description, and we as a company do not sell undecorated garments. My co-worker and I offered to find Mr. Leon a shirt and decided among ourselves we would purchase on his behalf and give to him as a gift. The fact it was made in America and represents our great nation so well was the deciding factor for our purchase. I know I expanded on your request but I wanted you to know about the special person who will wear this shirt in pride come July 4th. Thank you,

Kristin | Panama City, Florida

Steve, I am a former Marine and found the patriotic Under Armour Renegade Visors which I ordered from your company through a simple Google search. My brother, niece and I intend to proudly wear them as we run the Pittsburgh Marathon on May 5th. We put a premium on patriotism here in Pennsylvania, so I am sure we will be looking to purchase more of your merchandise in the future. Best wishes and Semper Fi.

Bill | Hermitage, Pensylvania

Henry enjoying his American Flat outfit

Stephen, I found you by searching the Internet for US flag products, shirts, ties, and other items that I could wear. As for shopping before you, airports, summer White House in key west, and various stores around patriotic holidays. Your company has a better selection, including size.

Henry | Iselin, New Jersey

Steve/Brett, I googled patriotic shirts, (I am a retired Army Active Duty Military Officer) and I saw the image of the shirt and clicked on it. I was taken to flagshirt.com. I normally pick this kind of shirt up on Amazon and or just a google search. Hope this helps. I am getting this shirt for a upcoming Golf Tourney. If you ever need a walking advertiser, feel free to send me any old or new XL shirts and I will proudly wear them and direct people where to by them. Thank you for the service you provide.

Chad | Fayetteville, Georgia

Dear Stephen, I love the US SINCE 1983 and around 2002 or 2003 I was taping on my computer on google patriotic shirts so I found you but at the time there was not shipping for France so wait till I check several times and order several time shirts. i NEED TO WRITE TO WOUNDED SOLDIERS TO SHOW MY HEART TO WOUNDED AMERICAN AS A FRENCH i WANT THESE SOLDIERS BE ASSURED A FRENCH LOVE THEM AND ME i LOVE SO MUCH AMERICANS AS THEY HAVE FREEDOM BUT IN FRANCE WE HAVE LIBERTE WHO WAS SICK AND BLOODY DURING THE REGIMEN OF TERROR BETWEEN 1792 AND 1795; The today events in France are the resonance of this bloody period where thousand s of french people were guillotinezised as Danton, Robespierre and Marat the principal ones. I order a lot from your company in the past.

Olivier | Palaiseau, Franch

Hi there, Steve and Brett! This is Roy's wife, Sarah, happy to answer your question. I found your website doing an online search for Patriotic clothing. We have bought separate, random pieces of patriotic items other places, including consignment stores and some shoes from the veteran's site at Greatergood.com. I am sad to have just now found your site, since I would loved to have bought some items, particularly the golf balls, for my Patriot father-in-law, who recently passed. We had a star-spangled funeral for him and my husband wore flag socks with his suit, but they were not as "pretty" as the ones you sell! Many congrats on your business longevity. May God bless America and may America return the favor,

Sarah | Cleveland, Tennessee

I volunteer to support a golf tournament once a year which helps our veterans. I just received a golf skirt I purchased to wear at the event (it is red and has flag detail on the back ruffle of the skirt)- which will be worn by many of the volunteers. I wanted a shirt to go with the skirt. At any rate if it is to my liking and if the fit is true, I will pass the information on to the chairman of the committee and perhaps you will get additional orders for the same shirt. I found you on goggle by searching "women's patriotic golf shirts". The styling of this shirt appealed to me and the fact that it was predominately white was a plus because the committee chairman told me to wear a white shirt with the skirt.

Linda | Port St. Lucie, Florida

I went on the internet to find performance flag shirts. Yours was the only one I could find. I presently have a cotton flag shirt that gets worn at parades or other holiday functions. I am hoping this works for me. In reading the reviews, several said that the sizing goes smaller so I went with a XXL instead of an XL.

Jerry | Kaukauna, Wisconson

Hi again Steve and Brett,
My wife saw your flyer in the package of shirts you sent me this week. She loves the shirt she bought from you. She has purchased this type of (flag shirt) at the San Diego County Fair but not from a business. Congrats again on 65 years!

Doug | San Diego, California

I found your site while searching the web. I’m hoping to receive it by next Wednesday, the 24th. I need it for a special occasion on Thursday.

Jeanie | Rudolph, Ohio

Hello Steven and Brett,
I have been looking for a “discrete”, not too loud patriotic tee/polo shirt on the Internet where I found your ad.
I am a proud immigrant, this is my 58th year in this GREAT USA and I will wear this shirt with pride!
San Diego is my favorite place also.
All the best

Bela | San Diego, California

Got a shirt as a gift, & then looked online to order another one. Great Product!
God Bless America!!!!!

Bill | Cudahy, Wisconsin

Steve & Britt,
I am very impressed with the personal touch regarding my purchase! No one else would take the time to send out an email, even if auto-generated, including myself. ;)
My three golf friends, and I, are going to Las Vegas to play in a golf tournament at the very exclusive Shadow Creek golf club on Memorial Day weekend. As Texans, we wanted to represent our wonderful state. We loved your shirts and caps, which I found online through a Google search. I actually loved the leggings, but thought them to be too much. ;)
Thank you

Jean | Austin, Texas

I saw someone with a white tank top on that had a flag that said “Back to Back Champs” and I wanted to get it for my son. So I was sitting at the pool and googled the shirt description on my phone. Your website was one of the top results. I clicked on a link that was ahead of your website but they were all out of the size that I needed and they were more expensive. This is the first time I”ve heard of your company but I will definitely buy from you again!

Chris | Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

well... good morning!
I have been wanting a patriotic shirt to wear and I wanted one more classy than at the local department stores.
I saw one I liked on a banner add by Liligal, but the fabric was polyester. Since all of our patriotic holidays are in the summer, I prefer cotton. I just search w/ Google for patriotic shirts and found your site.
I am looking forward to receiving the shirt.

Vicky | Center Point, Texas

Hi Stephen,
My husband Fred is a LEO for the state of Maryland, has served in Desert Storm, been a Vol. Rescue Diver as well as a Vol. Firefighter. With all that said we get all kinds of Publications having to do with the above mentioned.
In December we attended the 77th Pearl Harbor Ceremony on the 7th on Oahu at Pearl Harbor and dress code was Hawaiian Business Causal. I know the shirt he wore for the occasion was gotten from you all. I'm a bit of a Steppford Wife and when Fred said I need a couple Patriotic Button downs for our trip you just find them. If you knew my husband you would understand. He's a Big Deal to many and my very own Super Hero!
It is my belief that I either found you through an internet search or one of the many publication that we receive. We actually now have had a flyer floating around the house since November. The flyer is what inspired this last order. Sorry I couldn't be more help on that front. My husband gets many compliments on his shirts so Thanks so much!
Have a Great Day and Better Tomorrow.

Lisa | Baltimore, Maryland

I found your website quite by accident a few years ago while searching for patriotic inspired polo shirts that were actually made in USA as a fathers day gift. My husband is a former marine and insists on american made clothing...no easy task to find. I purchased one for him and my son. My son loved his so much but has since out grown it. This purchase was a replacement of his favorite in a bigger size.

Luci | Westminster, Maryland

Dear Stephen
in reply to your thank you note:
I have been searching the web for an American flag style shirt for quite a while. In Bristol Rhode Island we have the a HUGE 4th of July Parade. People from all over the USA parade through the streets of Bristol . Bands, clubs, Boy scouts, Girl Scouts, groups from Pennsylvania, (street steppers) … hundreds of groups. My cousin lives on the route and has had Bar-b-ques for friends and family for years and years. This year (I am an RN) I will be helping her set up and get everything ready for the people who come.
SO! ….. My need for an American patriot show -off !!!!! I actually have been looking for slacks. But I am not able to find any that have bright colors. The slacks for women have an ‘antique’ look and are really faded.
I am looking forward to your shirt. I must confess …. you do not explain the sizes. what a ’small’ or ‘medium’ cover. I ordered a ‘large’, to be safe, but I am not a large person. so I hope I did the right thing. You might want your web-creator to explain what small/medium/large…actually cover in USA sizes.
thank you for your note. If you ever have the opportunity to watch our famous 4th of July parade… It is the oldest continuing parade in the USA; and our streets in Bristol have a Red/White/Blue line for the median on all roads in town. Great Fun.

Miranda | Bristol, Rhode Island

I looked for flag shirts when my friend was running for county commissioner. We had to be in several parades. I found my shirts on Ebay. Now your ads come on Facebook and that is where I found the visor I ordered. Can’t wait to get it

Linda | La Junta, Colorado

I came across your website when searching on the internet for "American flag shorts."

Your site was one of the top results and your product was the favorite among the suggestions shared with my friends. We are all planning to match for a Fourth of July weekend golf outing.

Prior to finding your site I would rely on local retail, which is not always guaranteed for branded items like yours.

Thanks for reaching out! I am looking forward to receiving my shorts!

Jordan | Royal Oak, Michigan

Headed to Normandy for D-Day 75th anniversary and wanted to look like a proud American.

Hope | Lebanon, Ohio

Several years ago, I was looking for a Patriotic shirt to wear to our church worship service honoring the veterans. I simply Google searched patriotic shirt and your website came up. There was no specific store that I bought this type of shirt before.

Denise | Indianapolis, Indiana

I Love the idea of all the American designs y’all have.

Connie | Porter, Texas 

Steve- my friends and I are going to the Ryder cup and I was looking for a shirt to be able to wear at the event. I saw the shirt on shopping at Google. My buddy and I love the stuff. I got the Freedom shirt and he bought the flag shirt and sweatshirt. I'll probably be back to buy a hat and potentially a sweatshirt too depending on the weather. Love your site, Thanks

Mark | Lower Gwynedd, Pennsylvania

Gentlemen,I have to let you know that ever since I received my order and began wearing it I have had nothing but complements. For the adults where did get it, outstanding, I've never seen a T-shirt like that, impressive. From the younger crowd who are all those guys? I begin to tell them with short history lesson. On average most will say WOW I did't know that. You have an impressive line. Keep up the great work. I'll be ordering again. Thank you. A very satisfied customer.

US Army-Sgt. Rick | Shorewood, Wisconsin

I was looking for a replacement for a shirt that my son LOVES and wants to wear for all 4 years of his high school years on picture day it brought me to you :) I found not only the shirt he is in love with but other great products that he will love. They are going to make the best Christmas gift ever!!

Christina | Monroe, Wisconsin

Thank you. I received my order . Love the America tank top :)

Kay Dee | Los Alamitos, California

My husband saw the colorful brochure that was included in my last order and admired a particular polo shirt, so I just ordered it for him.....It will go well with one of the flag hats I recently bought (which he wore golfing today)! We received the 3 extra hats I recently purchased (all very nice), plus I already had one that I hadn't yet gifted -- giving us 4 flag hats that husband is giving out to his golfing friends. My guess is that this will precipitate further orders!!! Great products, great quality, great prices!

Sheri Marie | The Villages, Florida

Hi, Nice follow-up email. I found you searching on Google for T-shirts with American flag. Looking forward to getting our tie-dyed flag t-shirts to wear at our RV club patriotic lunch next Saturday!

Tom | San Diego, California

Hi Steve, I'm a volunteer poll worker here in Bangor, Maine. This election I wanted to find something classy (but not too in-your-face) to wear for election day. I thought the lady's polo shirt would fit the bill. Charlie, the poll warden, hasn't seen it yet, but I suspect he'll be OK with it :-)

Jean | Bangor, Maine

In today's world, seeing Hometown family businesses still thriving sheds a positive light! Be happy to send pics. Going 3rd week of September

Sally | Schaller, Iowa

I was an admirer of the shirts y'all sent to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert for a bit this week! Thanks!

Carol | Cambridge, Massachusetts

Last year, my buddies and I ordered 4 polos for a golf outing on the 4th of July. I was actually looking at the polos available for this year's outing and stumbled across this hat. UPDATE: We ended up winning and I definitely think these shirts had something to do with it!

Michael | Rockford, Illinois

The gentleman with your shirt on is an acquaintance of Richard "Rick" Gonzales, candidate for Constable, Precinct 6 (Houston, Tx). I googled "Flag shirts" and found your website.

Gina | Houston, Texas

I have a collection of patriotic and flag shirts, 6 different styles and color combinations (I can send a photo of my summer collection) for years, originally purchased at The Flag Lady Store, here in Columbus Ohio. Every time I wear one at a US historical site i.e. (Liberty Bell, US Mint, military installation, Civil War battle grounds such as Valley Forge, Antietam, & many others) I get positive comments from other visitors.

Fred | Columbus, Ohio

Ordered stars and stripes golf shirts before from your company, and could not believe the unbelievable quality of the shirts I received. I will be a customer for a very long time.

Daniel | Niagara Falls, New York

Steve got your message and Karen's. Seems like you have a great company!

My husband is retired Navy and we have been having debate parties... We do every 4 years!! Very patriotic!!

We were watching the speeches last night from Rubio or Cruz. The camera angle was from the back of the room and my husband is interested in that since he also retired from ABC (behind the camera), but we noticed a man with a flag shirt on and I said I wanted one and he did too so I googled and found your company!!!

Hope you have a presence at all the rallies and debates and election headquarters! Maybe send a shirt to some on the air national news people!! Talk show hosts.

We decorate our house with flag bunting during this season on the inside. Always a flag outside!

I would love a rhinestone women's flag hat!! Do you sell those...

Helping my brother move this week but I will watch your video later and when I wear the shirt and people ask I will give them your info!! Some would rather order by phone. Is that okay too?

Thank you.

Jeanne | Escondido, California