Embrace These 8 Ways to Be More Patriotic Every Day
8 Ways to Be More Patriotic Each and Every Day

8 Ways to Be More Patriotic Each and Every Day

America is the greatest country in the world, and there are so many reasons to celebrate your citizenship each and every day. Showing your love for your country should be a year-round priority, not just a fun way to celebrate the 4th of July! The good news is that being more patriotic is easier than you think, and doesn’t take much effort at all. Really, it’s about appreciating your freedoms and the life you’re able to enjoy because of them.

Looking for ways to be more patriotic in your everyday life? Here are some of the best ways to show off your patriotism in a meaningful way:

1. Thank Veterans and Active Military Members

What’s the easiest way to show love for your country? A simple “thank you,” goes a long way. The next time you see a veteran or active military veteran, thank them for their service. Acknowledging those who have protected and continue to protect this great country we live in is always meaningful—and all it costs is a few seconds of your time.

2. Visit a National Park

Our National Parks rival some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. If you're looking to get away and take in some amazing views and sheer beauty, check out a National Park. Whether you’re checking out the wonders of Yellowstone, the majestic Denali National Park and Preserve or anywhere else, take in and appreciate the scenic beauty and unique natural diversity of our country. Your admission into our parks is a great way to show patriotism and also ensure that our parks last for generations to come.

3. Get Out There and Vote

It’s all too easy to take for granted our right to vote in America. We live in one of the freest countries in the world, and our freedom directly informs our democratic process. If you’re 18 or older, exercise your right to vote. Educate yourself on candidates, research political positions and make a commitment to vote—it’s one of the best ways to honor America’s foundational principles. Better yet, volunteer to work the polls during an election cycle and see the democratic process in action.

4. Volunteer in Your Community

Volunteering—even for a few hours—is an excellent way to make a meaningful impact in someone else’s life—whether you donate your time to help those in need, beautify your community or simply spend time with someone who could use a friend. People learn from observing others’ behavior. Set a great example by making a positive impact in your local community. The spirit of volunteerism dates back to the founding of our country. Honor that tradition by giving up your time to do something for others.

5. Serve on a jury

While jury duty may seem like a major inconvenience, it’s an essential part of our system of government. If you’ve been requested to serve on a jury, take the time to do your duty. People in countries around the world can only dream of a legal system like the one we have, but the jury system is suffering nationwide. Today, jury duty is seen as a burden. Show your patriotism by recognizing it as a privilege and answer the call to serve.

6. Fly the American Flag

Displaying the American flag at home is an excellent way to show your patriotism. Hop online or head to a local store and purchase a flag. And, be sure to follow the United States Flag Code at all times. Always keep the flag illuminated if you’re flying it at night. During inclement weather, bring the flag indoors unless you’re flying an all-weather flag. Also, remember that no other flag can be flown higher than our national flag, and that the flag can’t touch the ground or surfaces below it.

7. Wear Patriotic Clothing

The apparel you wear makes an instant statement about your values and beliefs. What better way to show patriotism year round than to actually wear it? Wear the red, white and blue each and every day to show your appreciation for America and all it stands for. From sweatshirts to polos and everything in between, you can dress for the whole year in patriotic clothing.

8. Serve in the Armed Forces

There’s truly nothing more patriotic than serving in our nation’s military. Answering the call to protect our country is a major commitment and sacrifice. It’s a selfless act that shows your love for your country. If you’re young and wondering what the next phase of your life looks like, think about enlisting. From the Air Force to the Marines, Army to Navy, enlistment will put you on a trajectory to personal success, giving you the tools you need to succeed in everything you do.

Express Your Patriotic Sentiments Every Day

We are privileged to live in a free country like the United States. Show your patriotism on a daily basis and your appreciation for our unique system of government, our history and our values. It doesn’t take much to pay homage to everything that makes this country great. Whether it’s casting a ballot or joining the armed forces, you’ll be paying back your patriotism by simply being an active citizen.

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