All-American Apparel For An All-American You

All-American Apparel For An All-American You

As an American consumer of goods there are a great deal of options. Your decision has the power to successfully fuel and reinvest into the greatest country in the world. Moreover, the clothes you wear make a statement. True patriotism and the spirit of freedom lives within you and our flag. At Flag Shirt, we have bridged that gap to help you voice your patriotism in style! All while supporting the value of our cherished national holidays as well as domestic jobs in the USA.


Flag Shirt has a wide range of quality Made in the USA merchandise. Our family-owned company stocks many great brands for all your 4th of July festivities and your year-round Made in USA clothing and product needs. We believe that we all have a part to play in the life and economy of our great nation.


Shop our online store for all-American clothing for men, women, and children. We have everything from tops, bottoms, and beachwear. Our selection of US-flag branded accessories includes hats, office accessories, beach accessories, sporting items, jewelry, as well as some home and garden items. See our catalog for Under Armor flag-branded clothing and Texas flag shirts. These patriotic products and clothing celebrate who we are as true Americans and also make the perfect gift items.


Why Buy Made in the USA?


As a business, we are committed to Made in USA products and hope you can also join us in supporting local businesses. In a very competitive global market for goods, many companies have decided to outsource their manufacturing to foreign factories. The benefits of this move overseas, are cheaper cost of goods and better margins. They can match the competition and sustain their businesses another day.


However, there is a downside to offshore manufacturing. As local factories close, many jobs are lost, and many families are affected. Local manufacturers are often unable to match the lower costs of offshore alternatives. In the end, their products may be deemed too expensive.


When you choose to buy products that are Made in USA, you make a difference, even in your own community. You boost the local economy and local investment opportunities. You help to maintain our jobs and independence. There are benefits to these products and how they are manufactured locally, too. These include high-quality products, fair working conditions, and better sustaining of our environment.


At the end of the day, we are here to offer one certainty for our valued patriots: all-American apparel for an all-American you!

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