Bringing Disabled Veterans Together Through Golf
Bringing Disabled Veterans Together Through Golf

Bringing Disabled Veterans Together Through Golf

This month's Patriot Highlight is about a veteran named Joe Neff, and the Veterans Golf Program. The team is pictured above looking extra patriotic in their Flag Shirt Polos for the program's annual golf tournament.

Joe is a retired Marine Lieutenant Colonel and was a track and field coach for over forty years. He coached for the USA in the 1992 Paralympic Games, and was a head coach of the Marine Trials track team.

The Veterans Golf Program started out in 2012, with just six veterans signed up and one goal: to foster the physical and mental well-being of military veterans through the medium of golf!

Joe and his team are made up of veterans, PGA professionals and other volunteers who have helped hundreds of veterans with their struggles over the past 10 years.

Joe takes immense pride in the program, and truly feels helping out his fellow veterans is his calling.  "Golf is the thing that brings them together... brings them out of that dark place, and into the light", shares Joe.

Thank you Joe, for sharing your story and your wonderful program with us. You can learn more about Joe and the program here:

Want to nominate a Patriot for our Patriot Highlight? Email us at and send us a short bio along with some photos! We'd love to hear about your patriotic hero.

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