Celebrating America: Appreciating Our Freedoms

Celebrating America: Appreciating Our Freedoms

As American citizens, we have many individual freedoms that some people may not be as lucky to possess. These freedoms and rights enable us to live our lives with the knowledge we can express ourselves and state our feelings freely. As we celebrate America, one of the most important things we can do is appreciate our freedoms.

Here are some ways to appreciate the freedoms we have as American citizens:

Know Your Rights

Rights and freedoms are only truly effective if you know what they are. Therefore, you should take the time to learn about your rights. Reading the Bill of Rights and perusing the U.S. Constitution may not be an easy pastime to complete. However, there are plenty of articles and summaries that highlight our rights under the nation’s guiding documents. Read these articles and brush up on your knowledge of your individual rights as an American citizen. This can help us all appreciate our freedoms even more!

Appreciate Your Rights

Once you know what your rights and freedoms are, appreciate them. As American citizens, we are so fortunate to have these rights and it’s important we appreciate the presence of these freedoms. Celebrating America means knowing your rights and taking the time to appreciate these rights.

Acknowledge Your Freedoms

There are many ways to acknowledge your freedoms. Exercise your right to vote and choose the candidates who you truly feel will make this country an even better place to live. Another way to acknowledge your freedoms is to teach younger individuals about these rights and freedoms. By passing on the knowledge, you can help the younger generation to feel more appreciative and act upon their rights when they turn 18.

Show Your Appreciation for This Country

As you explore your rights as an American citizen, make sure you take the time to show your appreciation for this country. Take pride in seeing the American flag wave in the breeze and feel patriotic emotions when you hear the National Anthem play. These simple occurrences should evoke emotion and make you appreciate the United States of America as one of its citizens.

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