Celebrating America: How to Give Back to Our Nation
Celebrating America: Giving Back to Our Nation

Celebrating America: Giving Back to Our Nation

Celebrating America is a notion that takes many forms. At the forefront of this sentiment is doing all we can to show our patriotic spirit. That means more than just flying Old Glory in your front yard or celebrating major American holidays. It’s about embodying the spirit of America by giving back: doing your part to keep our country moving forward, living up to the historic standards we’ve set for ourselves. 

Here’s a look at how you can exercise your civic duty and do your part as an American citizen, to give back to the country you love.

Celebrate by Participating in Government

One of the simplest ways to exercise your fundamental freedoms and celebrate America is to stay active in politics. There are various degrees of involvement you might think about, including:

Get out and vote

Voting is an excellent way to celebrate America. As an American citizen, you have a voice—and you don’t want your opinion to be wasted. Whether it’s a local election or the presidential election, make sure your voice is heard. Keep an eye out for upcoming elections and make sure you’re registered to vote. When the big day arrives, head to your local polling center and cast your vote for the individual you feel will be the best addition to the political scene.

Get involved in politics

The beauty of American governance is that any citizen of our country can be a force for change. In addition to voting for your top choice in the various elections, consider celebrating and embracing America by throwing your name in the running for a political position. By getting involved in politics, you can take control of the situation and ensure that your fellow citizens are well taken care of and have a voice. You can start small by running for local office—then, who knows where your political future will take you!

Volunteer in local elections

If you don’t want to run for office, celebrate America by volunteering in your local elections. Local polling places are always looking for help to keep the election process orderly and fair. Contact your local political office and see if they need help with the upcoming elections. You can volunteer to check people in on election day, organize mail-in ballots, or perform other tasks necessary to the efficient running of the electoral process.

Celebrate Patriotism During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is the perfect time to acknowledge all patriots and lend a hand with patriotism in mind. From showing support to embracing true patriotic spirit, there are many ways to celebrate the holiday season this year.

Support local businesses

Local businesses are an essential framework of this country. Your neighbors are offering products and services through their local shops as they serve the community and try to make a living at the same time. This holiday season, and every season, show your support for fellow Americans who are earning their living by ensuring the local community has everything they need in their daily lives.

Support those who need it most

Donate essentials or make monetary donations to those less fortunate this holiday season. When you do, you’re making a significant difference in the lives of those who need a helping hand. Nothing is more American than helping those who need it. Many times, these individuals will go on to show this same kindness to others, perpetuating the spirit in a true show of patriotism. This is the type of sentiment that makes America a truly great country.

Support a local VFW or first responders

Nothing says patriotism more than supporting those who are true patriots in the community. If you want to show your support and your patriotic spirit at the same time, give a donation to a local VFW to support those who have fought for our freedoms. You can also donate to your local police department, fire department or EMT station, to support those serving and protecting the community 24/7/365.

Decorate in red, white and blue

If you’d like to let your patriotic light shine, decorate your home and property in red, white and blue this holiday season! From twinkling patriotic-themed lights to trees decorated in red, white, and blue ornaments, there are many ways to pull a patriotic theme together with ease. Let everyone know you are proud to be an American and love your country. You might just inspire someone else to embrace the patriotic spirit this season, and give back in their own way.

Support the USO

The United Service Organizations (USO) is a not-for-profit organization that operates year-round to serve the nation’s military members and their families. To ensure the USO can provide for those who proudly and bravely serve this country, the organization operates on donations and help from volunteers. Individuals can donate to the USO, host or participate in fundraisers, and more. By supporting the USO, you can show your patriotism for the patriots who protect us.

Everyday Ways to Celebrate America

Looking for everyday ways you can celebrate America? There’s a lot you can do outside of the holidays or election season. Here’s a look at a few simple ways to show your patriotic spirit and celebrate the freedoms that make this country great.

Support a patriotic cause

Patriotism can be expressed by supporting others who offer services for the good of the country. From donating to your local VFW to providing support to the USO, there are many wonderful patriotic organizations that you can support passively, through donations or a volunteering of your time. Pick a dollar amount or a day each month and make a donation to America you can feel good about.

Thank a service member

It’s important to appreciate all that American service members do for this country and the individuals within it. Show your patriotic spirit by expressing this gratitude to those who serve and protect the United States of America. It can be as simple as thanking a uniformed service member, spending a few minutes chatting with a veteran or even taking the time to do a good deed for someone who devoted themselves to American freedom.

Display the American flag proudly

From a small American flag perched upon your desk to the nation’s flag waving in the breeze outside your front door, displaying the American flag is an easy way to show your patriotism. This universal symbol of strength and freedom speaks volumes. All you have to do is display it whenever possible, to show your love for this country. Just make sure you’re observing the rules of decorum—not letting the flag touch the ground and disposing of one properly when the time comes to replace a tattered Old Glory.

Stand united with others

In a time when the country is arguably divided, being patriotic is the easiest way to come together as one. Stand united with others and show you are patriotic first and foremost. Expressing your love for this country can be as easy as standing alongside others who may have different opinions, but stand together as one nation. Instead of arguing with people, seek to find common ground. Unity is the spirit of America.

Help your neighbors

In keeping with the core values of honor and respect as American citizens, we can embrace these traits by helping our neighbors whenever possible. If your neighbor needs help at any time, make sure you lend a hand. Show off your positive traits by helping your fellow citizens. It can be as simple as trimming their lawn while they’re out of town or as personal as being with them during a tough time.

Look Patriotic While Celebrating America

Sometimes you don’t have to say a word or do anything in particular to show just how patriotic you truly are. By simply wearing patriotic clothing, you can show your dedication to this country and love for America. Whether you wear a t-shirt with an American flag on it or choose a simple red, white and blue ensemble, anyone looking at you will know what you stand for. When individuals take steps to show patriotism in their daily lives, they can show love for their nation by dressing the part as well.

As you show appreciation for the country we live in, pursue positive and honorable values every step of the way.

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