How to Celebrate Citizenship Day and Constitution Week
Celebrating Citizenship Day and Constitution Week

Celebrating Citizenship Day and Constitution Week

Americans celebrate Citizenship Day every September 17. This important day is part of a larger period of remembrance and reflection called Constitution week, which lasts until September 23 every year. Both events are important national celebrations, giving Americans the opportunity to commemorate and appreciate what it means to be a citizen of this great nation.

Read on to learn more about these two special national events and their historical significance.

What is Citizenship Day?

Citizenship Day is a time for Americans to think about the rights and responsibilities they have as citizens of this country. It’s also a time for people to truly embrace what it means to be an American citizen. The rights and freedoms we have as Americans should always be appreciated and never be taken for granted, and Citizenship Day is a time to reflect on these important concepts.

What is Constitution Week?

Constitution Week runs from September 17 through September 23. This entire week is dedicated to commemorating the United States Constitution. It’s a time for American citizens to learn more about this historical document and understand why it’s so important.

The signing of the U.S. Constitution on September 17, 1787, established the framework of our country in written form. This patriotic document details the rights, responsibilities, and liberties of American citizens and is the reason why we have the freedom we do today.

Why these two patriotic events are important

Citizenship Day and Constitution Week help us remember the basic liberties and rights we have as American citizens. In addition, these days remind us that freedom isn’t free. It’s been a long path to get to the point we’re at today, and American citizens should never forget that we have so many freedoms many others do not. For this reason, we celebrate what it means to be American citizens and should do so during these patriotic events, as well as every other day.

How to Embrace Your Patriotic Spirit on Citizenship Day and during Constitution Week

Looking for ideas to celebrate Citizenship Day and Constitution Week in a meaningful way? Give some of these a try:

  • Wear patriotic apparel. As you celebrate and appreciate Citizenship Day and Constitution Week, do so wearing patriotic apparel. The Flag Shirt offers a wide array of patriotic clothing and accessories. You can wear a “We the People” button-down shirt or choose a top that has the Statue of Liberty on it. If you’re more subtle in your patriotic expressions, choose a classic American flag accessory to show your love for this country.
  • Volunteer in your community. Giving back to your local community is an excellent way to celebrate Citizenship Day and Constitution Week. Volunteer at your local homeless shelter, gather a group to clean up your favorite park or you can even lend a hand at your nearest animal shelter. However you choose to donate your time, you’ll make a meaningful difference in your community.
  • Make patriotic crafts. If you have kids in the family, getting together and making a patriotic craft is a fun way to spend time together and reflect on our country’s heritage all at once. Kids can’t resist using their own two hands to make something unique, whether it’s a stars and stripes themed wind catcher, a tie-dyed shirt or even a simple painting of the American flag. Instill a spirit of patriotism at a young age and make memories your family won’t forget!
  • Thank a veteran. It doesn’t need to be Veteran’s Day for you to show your appreciation for those who’ve fought for our country. Reach out to a veteran or active duty service member and thank them for their bravery and sacrifice. Freedom isn’t free, but showing gratitude is. A simple work of thanks goes a long way.
  • Fly the flag. Show your patriotism on Citizenship Day, throughout Constitution Week and every day of the year by flying our flag with pride. Invest in a flagpole and an all-weather flag and be sure to keep it illuminated whenever you’re flying it at night.

Citizenship Day and Constitution Week as a whole provide Americans with the opportunity to reflect on what truly makes this country great—our freedoms and liberties. Every September, use these events as a reminder to appreciate all that you have as an American citizen. Remember that the freedoms you enjoy each and every day aren’t standard around the world. It’s important to take stock of what makes the United States great!

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