Daredevil Heroes like Daniel Boone

Daredevil Heroes like Daniel Boone

The North Carolina backwoods certainly could not confine Daniel Boone. 

Getting his first rifle at the age of 12, he went on to prove his talents as a hunter and pathfinder. 

Fearless that he was, his hunting expeditions deep into Cherokee territory beyond the Blue Ridge Mountains are well-known. 

Quiet and courageous, he was drawn to the beauty of Kentucky country with its abundance of game that included deer, bears, and great herds of bison. 

It was none other than Boone, who blazed the 300-mile trail from Virginia through the Cumberland Gap into central Kentucky, establishing a fort at the Kentucky river named Boonesborough.

This “Wilderness Road” was thus paved. 

It became the central route by which pioneers traveled to settle the American West…

Making Boon an icon of America’s westward expansion...and a superhero.

It is daredevil heroes like Daniel Boone that we celebrate on Super Heroes Day. 

Men, who left behind lasting legacies.

A legacy well embodied in the many symbols you wear proudly. 

Be it the stars and the stripes, or the American bald eagle, or the Statue of Liberty 

Sitting pretty on our Armour Lines range, or the 4th of July and Made-in-the-USA collections

For you to own with pride. 

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