How the Covid-19 Pandemic Improved Our Patriotic Spirit
How 2020 Improved Our Patriotic Spirit

How 2020 Improved Our Patriotic Spirit

2020 was a difficult year for many Americans. From the coronavirus pandemic to job instability due to the virus, individuals faced many hurdles that made saying goodbye to 2020 a welcome event. But during it all, patriotism was alive and well for many Americans. In fact, some might say that patriotic spirit grew, even in spite of the tumultuous year that was 2020.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways patriotism shined through the many struggles the pandemic presented us with.

It reminded us that we’re American

No matter your political affiliation, your beliefs or your background, 202 brought us together under one nation. We come together with others throughout the country as citizens of the United States of America. We may be individuals with our own personal beliefs, but we’re also American citizens who have a responsibility to represent our country in the best possible light.

It showed us we’re united

Even though we come from different locations and live different lives, American citizens are united as one. We take on any obstacles that come our way and work together to overcome them. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, citizens have come together to help others through this difficult time—whether it meant lending a hand to a neighbor or donating to charitable causes. And, when individuals come together to do good, the possibilities are endless.

It proved that we’re resilient

It might be difficult to believe, but there are positives that’ve come out of 2020—namely, the resiliency of America. Americans faced unprecedented situations throughout the year and did so with strength and determination. These factors have helped us move forward in 2021, as we continue to take on new challenges along the way to a better future.

2020 may have presented us with unfathomable situations, but with our patriotic spirit, we banded together to overcome it.

How to Keep Patriotism Alive During a Pandemic

While the country continues to face the pandemic, our normal way of life is on hold. The “new normal” now consists of wearing masks while shopping, scrambling to find essentials, and missing our usual interactions with friends and loved ones.

With so much still disrupted by the pandemic, many people are going a step further to keep patriotism alive during these uncertain times. Thankfully, there are more than a few ways to express your patriotic spirit. Here are some of our favorites.

Honor military heroes virtually

Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Armed Forces Day and more were all created to honor and remember those serving in the United States Armed Forces. Since many parades and in-person services are still on-hold until after the pandemic, it’s important to embrace these celebrations virtually or distantly. Add memorials on social media, hold a virtual Memorial Day commemorative service, dress patriotically or make a donation to a local veteran’s organization.

Support first responders through donations

Patriotism and first responders are closely interwoven concepts. These individuals put their lives on the line daily to protect us, working 24/7/365 to aid us in our times of crisis. As you might imagine, they could use a little support themselves! Many restaurants that are open for takeout will gladly deliver to local fire departments and police stations. Order pizzas or sandwiches, pay by phone or online, and have these meals delivered to local first responders. They’ll appreciate the gesture and enjoy the food when they often don’t have time to make a meal for themselves.

Vote in upcoming elections by mail

Depending on the state you live in, you likely have an election on the horizon. While all municipalities offer the ability to vote in-person, many are hesitant to venture out to polling stations, Thankfully, you might be able to vote by mail. This process allows you to fulfill your patriotic duty by voting in the election, but not having to worry about coronavirus concerns. If you have an election approaching, contact your local representatives to explore mail-in voting.

Being United While Social Distancing

The term “social distancing” is one everyone is familiar with these days. Staying six feet apart from others helps curb the risk of coronavirus. Unfortunately, it’s easy to feel distanced from our loved ones when we’re not with them. During the age of social distancing, it’s vital to keep in contact with friends, family members, and our communities as a whole.

How do we stay connected and united while still abiding by social distancing regulations? Here are a few of our favorite suggestions.

Stay in touch virtually

Just because we can’t come together face-to-face doesn’t mean we can’t have conversations virtually. With Skype, Zoom, and other video chat apps, seeing and speaking with our loved ones over the screen is even better than talking on the phone. With so much technology available to us these days, staying in touch digitally is simple and convenient.

Support local small businesses

Another way to stand united while social distancing is to think of local small businesses. These entities might be hurting during this time—especially if they’re not able to offer takeout services or they don’t have online product ordering through their website. Here are a few ways you can show support and appreciation to local-area businesses:

  • Order takeout or curbside pickup from restaurants
  • Order products online from local business’ website
  • Purchase gift cards to use at a later time

Applaud those on the front line

While we’re all staying distant, there are many individuals out there on the front lines of fighting the pandemic. This includes healthcare workers, first responders, essential business workers, and more. Take the time to show appreciation for these brave individuals. This can include purchasing meals and having them delivered to work locations, making cards and signs, or simply saying thank-you.

2020 Was a Test in Keeping us United

2020 was a long year, and 2021 felt even longer for some. As the pandemic rages on and we find ourselves navigating new ways of life, it’s important to remember that struggle is often what brings us closer together. Even though we are apart and social distancing, there are many ways to stay in touch with our loved ones and support our community and the country as a whole. Keep the tips in mind above when you’re feeling separated or disconnected from the world around you—and remember, united, we can stand against anything.

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