How Patriotism Can Affect American Olympic Athletes
How Patriotism Can Affect American Olympic Athletes

How Patriotism Can Affect American Olympic Athletes

The Tokyo Summer Olympics kicked off in 2020, despite a global pandemic. Team USA took to its respective field, pool and other competition areas, hoisting the American flag at the forefront. American athletes participated for our country, and the stars and stripes played a prominent role throughout the events.

The Tokyo games were a rousing success for America. Our country walked away with 39 gold medals, 41 silver medals and 33 bronze medals, for a world-best 113 total medals won. It was a spectacular showing by some of the best athletes on the planet—and a major win for patriotism at a time in history when we need it more than ever. And, through it all, the stars and stripes flew proudly.

From the uniforms our country’s athletes wore to the American flags that waved throughout the competitions, Old Glory was a sight to behold at the Tokyo Olympics. And although patriotism is something many people feel on an individual basis, it’s clear that there are ways patriotism can sometimes affect American Olympic athletes.

Here’s a look at the strong correlation between patriotism, the majesty of the American flag and the sentiments of the American athletes representing our country on a global stage.

Feel Patriotism for the Country You Represent

Whether you’re a gymnast on the United States Olympics team or a member of Team USA soccer, you might feel a surge of patriotism as you enter competition mode. Olympic athletes are an elite group of competitors, chosen to represent their country. This may produce a strong patriotic vibe on the part of Olympic athletes representing the United States of America.

Patriotic Feelings Due to the Opportunities Available

Olympic athletes are individuals who have made it to a pinnacle point in their career. Being a member of Team USA affords them certain opportunities that many others do not have. As an American citizen, being patriotic often equates with realizing these opportunities afforded to us and embracing our ability to do what we love.

American Pride in Addition to Personal Accomplishment

Olympic athletes should feel an extreme amount of personal accomplishment. After all, you can’t just walk on the field and say you’d like to be an Olympic athlete without the hard work and sacrifices associated with the training and years of expertise. However, in addition to appreciation for personal accomplishment, some Olympic athletes feel an overwhelming sense of American pride that goes along with all of it.

Support From Family, Fans and the Country

Imagine, as an elite Olympic athlete, stepping onto the field of competition and looking into the stands, only to see hundreds or thousands of American flags waving back at you. It’s enough to create surging pride within anyone! There’s something breathtaking, awe-inspiring and reassuring about seeing your home country’s flag waving back at you. It’s as if you’re surrounded by thousands of people who want you to succeed and are proud of you for your accomplishments.

The Determination to Represent Your People

No matter where the Olympics are held, every American athlete is a representative of the country on the world’s stage. There’s a certain pressure on you to perform at your best and to triumph over the competition. But, for as much pressure as there is, there’s also a patriotic feeling behind it: one that compels you to do your best and helps you tap into a level of excellence that only an Olympic-level athlete is worthy of. Patriotism becomes the grit and determination you need to springboard yourself to success!

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