The American flag is a symbol beloved and cherished by millions of proud patriots. For many people, the flag is something they want to take with them everywhere they go by displaying it on their vehicle. Let's take a closer look at how to fly the American flag on your car or motorcycle while maintaining the proper level of respect for this cherished emblem.

The American Flag on Your Car

Is it disrespectful to display the flag on a vehicle?

Before we get into how to fly the American flag on your car or motorcycle, we should address a common concern. Many people worry about it being offensive to display the flag on their vehicle. There are two ways to display a flag on your vehicle while remaining respectful. The first one is a bumper sticker which displays the flag. The second is displaying a small, motor vehicle flag with a proper flag mount on the car. Both options are considered acceptable and respectful, however, draping a real flag over your vehicle in any other way is considered disrespectful to the flag.

Tips for Displaying Flags on Cars and Motorcycles

  • You can mount a flag on either the center of the roof, the passenger side hood, or the rear of the vehicle on the trunk. For motorcycles, you can easily install a flag mount on the rear of the bike. The flags should not be placed on the left side or driver's side of the vehicle. Make sure the flag doesn't obstruct the view of the driver or create any safety concerns.
  • Always fly the American flag in the center of a row of other flags if flying more than one flag type. You should also make sure all the flags are angled at the same angle for a unified look.
  • Never fly any flag higher than the American flag. The American flag should be at the center of other flags but placed above the other flags for proper respect.
  • Make sure the American flag is not only placed higher up but is also the largest flag when flying more than one flag at once. You want the American flag to be the star of the show when flying multiple vehicle flags so make sure it's bigger and placed higher up than the other flags.
  • Maintain the appearance of the flag. An American flag with tears, holes, stains, or fading is a sign of disrespect to the flag. Make sure you regularly inspect the flag for wear and tear and clean it regularly to maintain a proper appearance.

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