What Does "Made in the USA" Really Mean for Apparel?
What Does it Mean to be “Made in the USA?”

What Does it Mean to be “Made in the USA?”

Buying American-made products is always a good idea—especially when it comes to clothing. Not only can you expect a higher-quality product, every penny from every transaction for goods Made in the USA contributes directly to creating and sustaining long-term jobs in the United States. Simply put, buying American means supporting Americans.

Unless you’re already a conscious consumer, buying American probably isn’t something you think actively about. If you check your closet this very second, chances are, you’ll find articles of clothing made in the developing world—places like Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines or Malaysia.

The reality of the apparel industry is that companies are moving production away from the United States. Why? Because it costs less to manufacture products overseas. Unfortunately, that lower cost has a higher impact on the American economy, and the workers who are part of it.

At The Flag Shirt, we want to flip this script. We believe that Made in the USA products are a business investment that aligns with our top priority: to bring as much value as we can to the American people. We’re not moving away from American-made apparel. Rather, we are moving right toward it, at full-steam.

It goes without saying that American made product is quite unique to that of other producing countries. It feels different. It looks different. That’s because, it is different! In truth, there are patriotic and even economic reasons why Made in the USA apparel is a must.

The decision for us to carry Made in the USA products was a simple one. Let us show you why.

Why Move Toward Made in the USA?

It’s always (especially now) the better decision to buy American made clothing. Every penny from every transaction for goods Made in the USA contributes directly to creating and sustaining long-term jobs in the United States.

Starting from the 1980s onward, we as a country shifted production more and more to other countries. Every year, Americans on average purchase 70 pieces of clothing per person, adding up to 20 billion articles of clothing. What’s crazy is that only 2 percent of that is actually Made in the USA! Yes, American-made products have unfortunately become a rarity.

The Flag Shirt seeks to change that. We believe in the American people and the American cause, and it just makes sense to promote the growth of our own nation. Made in the USA clothing is the ultimate statement of our patriotism and our investment as both producers and consumers—and even more so as true Americans! That’s exactly why we stepped up to the plate as the top-rated and most patriotic company out there.

The moment you get your hands on any of the American flag apparel in our collection, there’s no doubt you’ll notice the difference in quality—and the difference in pride you feel buying American-made goods. And, seeing the “Made in the USA” label is sure to spark feelings of patriotism on-par with how you feel every Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day or any other national cause for celebration. There’s just something undeniably contagious about American spirit.

A Reinvestment in American-Made Goods

We’re doing everything possible to raise the percentage of American made clothing each year to 5, 10, 25 and even 100%! We know that apparel made in America, by Americans, is better. It’s our mission to bring people back to this way of thinking, to help our country prosper.

We encourage you to fulfill your duty as an American citizen, and to embrace the patriotic decision to buy American-made apparel. To live by your principles, beliefs and values. To be happy about making the right decision: one to buy American!

At The Flag Shirt, we make it easy to fulfill your patriotic calling and buy products that are good quality, at a great price. But our effort to help you fulfill your patriotic duty doesn’t stop there. In addition to making these products available, we also go out of our way to donate portions of select purchases to American organizations and causes, including the First Responders Children’s Foundation. It’s our way of supporting our American heroes and their families.

If you’re going to buy American flag inspired apparel, why not take the extra step and make sure the products you’re buying are American through and through? Buy Made in America products from The Flag Shirt and feel good not just about your purchase, but about your patriotic spirit each and every time you wear one of our apparel items.

Visit The Flag Shirt and explore our large selection of patriotic clothing. From American flag polo shirts and button down shirts to patriotic neckties and other accessories, you’ll find any type of American-themed clothing and accessories you’re looking for! Come browse styles for men, women and kids, and show your patriotic spirit in the most stylish way possible.

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