Meet the World Record Holder for National Anthem performances

Meet the World Record Holder for National Anthem performances

This month's Patriot Highlight is Alan St. Louis, pictured above in his Flag Shirt gear. Alan holds the World Record for singing the Most National Anthems in One Year with 500 performances! He shares he is on track to sing his 5,000th Star-Spangled Banner performance on August 7th!

Alan has been singing the Anthem his whole life! In 2001 he started auditioning to sing the anthem for the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park. After not getting a reply in 2010, he called them directly to find out why. Their answer: 'We don't know you, get your name out there!"

So, Alan started singing for local sports teams. One time he sang the anthem at 8 games in 9 days. Someone said to him, "Keep that up and you'll break a world record!" Alan thought this was the perfect way to get his name out there. He called and found out that there was no current record holder for most anthems sung.

He says the rest is history. He finally got to sing at Fenway Park, and his 8th record will take place on August 7th, when he sings his 5,000th performance of the Star-Spangled Banner. Alan shares he's been a Flag Shirt customer for many years and wears his patriotic gear with great pride when he performs. Thank you, Alan, for being a proud patriotic customer and for sharing your story with us!

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