North Idaho Sparklers Proudly Display Their Patriotism!
North Idaho Sparklers Proudly Display Their Patriotism!

North Idaho Sparklers Proudly Display Their Patriotism!

Here at Flag Shirt, we are always thrilled to showcase some of our most patriotic customers! This month's Patriot Highlight is a group who have dubbed themselves the North Idaho Sparklers. 

The North Idaho Sparklers are a western themed non-profit performance group. In addition to performing in parades and local events, they provide monthly support to other non-profits and charities.

"We were established in January 2023 a group of like-minded women and men that wanted to give back to our beautiful communities of North Idaho. Our vision reflected in our mission statement: To enhance the lives of our members and community through goodwill, kindness, dance and charitable contributions."

The group shares "We were so proud and honored to wear your Patriotic Shirt  in our 4th of July parades throughout Northern Idaho.  They were the perfect addition to our performances and were loved by the parade crowds! Knowing that our parade wear supports a Veteran owned company was an additional honor."

Thank you for sharing your story and photos, North Idaho Sparklers!

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