Occasions Where Patriotic Apparel is Must-Wear Attire
Occasions Where Patriotic Apparel is a Must

Occasions Where Patriotic Apparel is a Must

When you get dressed every morning, you need to make a decision: what are you going to wear today? Often, it depends on what you’re doing. Going to work? Business or business casual attire. Lounging around the house? Sweatpants and a t-shirt. Attending a wedding? Formal attire it is! There are some days, however, when the right thing to wear is absolutely patriotic apparel.

So when should you get ready to leave the house rocking red, white and blue apparel? When is it appropriate to put on your American flag shirt? How often should you rock American-themed accessories?

Here’s a look at some of the occasions where patriotic apparel is a must-wear and why these events are a great opportunity to expand your wardrobe to include American-made apparel.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a day of remembrance in honor of those who have lost their lives fighting for our country. When attending a Memorial Day service or Memorial Day parade, wearing patriotic apparel is a wonderful way to show support and love for our country. You can tailor your patriotic apparel to suit the Memorial Day gathering and wear an appropriate outfit to show your patriotism.

If you’re cooking out and watching a parade, any type of attire will do. Sport a t-shirt, dress or ballcap, and don’t forget to accessorize. If you’re attending a more formal or somber event, think about how to dress more formally while showing your patriotic spirit—such as wearing an American flag tie or flag-themed earrings.

Fourth of July

When fireworks start popping and Fourth of July picnics are in full swing, donning your most patriotic attire is the way to go. Wearing your red, white and blue festive dress will allow you to show patriotism all day long. Whether planning to head out to an Independence Day party with family and friends or celebrating with loved ones at home, putting on your patriotic gear for this special holiday is a must.

If you’re like many people, you might even choose to spend Independence Day at the beach, tubing, boating or having a beach BBQ. If your celebrations take you to the shore, make sure you’re rocking American-themed beach attire!

Flag Day

On the special day in which we celebrate the American flag and our nation as a whole, putting on patriotic clothing can help to make this day even more celebratory. As you fill your yard with American flags, don't forget to put on your favorite patriotic shirt featuring the flag or the colors representing our nation.

Flag day attire helps you put the American flag on display wherever you go, so everyone knows how much you support this holiday. Whether it’s grocery shopping in a classic American flag t-shirt or going to work wearing your American flag tie, this type of apparel is a great conversation starter on Flag Day.

Welcoming a Military Member Home

Whether anticipating the arrival of a family member heading home from being overseas or heading to a large party to welcome a military member home after a long deployment, wearing patriotic clothing for the celebration is a wonderful way to show your support. As you thank them for their service and tell them how much they have been missed, doing so wearing your red, white and blue attire will add to the special moment.

Plus, American-themed apparel is just right for the theme of these events. You’re welcoming home someone who sacrificed their time, energy and sometimes their safety to protect your freedoms. Wearing flag-themed apparel is a simple way to let them know that you recognize all of the freedoms they’ve been protecting.

Citizenship Ceremony

When you attend a citizenship ceremony for a friend or loved one, wearing patriotic clothing for the special event is extremely appropriate for the occasion and a wonderful way to show support. You can choose the type of clothing which works best for the ceremony or party celebrating the newest citizen of the United States of America. You’ll fit right in as new citizens pledge allegiance to the flag and get to have their picture taken standing next to one, as an official welcome to the country!

Expand Your Attire to Include American Flag Apparel

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