How to Parade in Place for a Distanced 4th of July
Parade in Place for the 4th of July

Parade in Place for the 4th of July

Every year on July 4th, millions gather together with their family, friends and other loved ones to celebrate one of the most important days for the United States: Independence Day. July 4th commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence of the United States when, more than two centuries ago, we finally got to say the magical phrase, “The Land of the Free!”

While everyone celebrates July 4th a bit different, most Americans gather together for food and fireworks. Unfortunately, during the COVID-19 pandemic, gathering has become more and more difficult. As we find ways to celebrate, it’s important to do them at a distance, virtually. But, as we’ve always done in the past, America will triumph. We’ll find a way to show our patriotic spirit—even if we have to parade in place.

We’ve all battled through the pandemic and deserve the chance to celebrate. Even if things are a bit different this year, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun celebrating July 4th. Here’s how to celebrate Independence Day and show your spirit this year, while keeping a safe distance to stop the spread of COVID-19.

5 Ways to Parade in Place this 4th of July

There are plenty of ways to show patriotism from your own home with 4th of July. Below, we’ve covered several fun and creative ways to celebrate the birth of America without ever leaving your property.

1. Decorate your porch

There is something extremely rewarding about being a proud homeowner and decorating your house with red, white and blue. Plus, nothing says Independence Day like showing your loved ones and community the spirit of patriotism that lives inside you!

Visit a local party supply store or order decorations online. Showing your patriotism doesn’t have to be expensive, and there are plenty of options for cheap decorations. For example, a pack of red, white and blue streamers shouldn’t cost more than a few bucks. You could even gather the family for a fun DIY project by creating one-of-a-kind decorations.

2. Dress patriotically

Your home isn’t the only thing you need to decorate! Wearing patriotic gear is the best way to get into the July 4th spirit. Sport some clothing from our Made in the USA collection, which all look and feel amazing to wear. As the name suggests, all clothes in the collection were made in the good ol’ USA. What’s more patriotic than that?!

We have a variety of clothes available in men’s, women’s and children’s sizes. Our men’s sizes range from small to 2XL, so no one should have a problem finding the perfect fit! We also offer a bunch of fun accessories, including American flag-themed hats, socks, ties and bracelets.

3. Have a barbecue

There’s nothing more American than a good, old-fashioned barbecue. There’s just something about great food that brings the family together. Plus, nothing beats enjoying a summer day outside, together. Fire up the grill and throw on some burgers, hot dogs, ribs and all your other barbecue favorites. Consider preparing some mashed potatoes, coleslaw, corn on the cob and baked beans as side dishes—they’re all-American favorites!

4. Watch a patriotic movie

From Top Gun to Saving Private Ryan, everyone should celebrate Independence Day with films that have left a mark on American entertainment. You can find a variety of great patriotic movies on various streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and HBO Max. Scroll through these movies and pick one that will get you in the mood to celebrate. Watching a patriotic movie also offers the perfect opportunity to relax after eating all that delicious barbecue.

5. Throw your own fireworks celebration

Who says you need to go to a huge fireworks celebration? You can easily spark your own fireworks to light up the night sky or watch some of the most beautiful firework shows on live TV. You may even want to do both! Fireworks are the key to a successful Parade in Place and a memorable 4th of July, so be sure to visit a local fireworks stand and see what they have in stock.

When lighting fireworks at home, it’s important to take certain safety precautions. For example, don’t let children play near fireworks. It’s also important to read all safety labels and clean up any debris. Following the right safety precautions will ensure a fun and safe July 4th.

Make this July 4th one to remember

July 4th is one of this country’s most important holidays. Don’t avoid celebrating it just because you can’t leave the house. As you can see, there are plenty of ways to Parade in Place!

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