Patriot Highlight: From Veteran to Officer
Patriot Highlight: From Veteran to Officer

Patriot Highlight: From Veteran to Officer

Our newest Patriot of the Month, pictured above with his family, is Franklin Crockett. Franklin (who goes by Frank) joined the service as a young soldier at just 18 years old.

He deployed numerous times throughout his career with missions to Afghanistan, Korea, Iraq, and Kuwait.  His wife shares that he has an unfathomable amount of awards from his time in service, and that he is so thankful for all the opportunities his military service brought him.

After getting out of the military, he jumped right into his biggest dream and went through BLET to become a law enforcement officer. After swearing in with Cumberland County Sheriff's Office, Frank is currently a school resource officer at a local high school.

His wife, Melissa, shares that he's built beautiful relationships with his high schoolers, are made a huge impact on healthy relationships between his community and law enforcement. Frank spends so much of his free time supporting his students, and his community.

She says that the world is a better place because of him, and we at Flag Shirt can't help but agree! Thank you, Frank, and your family, for your service and sharing your story with us!

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