Vet opens home to Active Duty Marines

Vet opens home to Active Duty Marines

John, our first Patriot of the Month, is a loyal Flag Shirt customer! One way he shows off his patriotism is by wearing our Patriotic Gear! But the reason John is a true Patriotic Hero is because he opens his home up every year and hosts roughly 40 Active Duty Marines for a little R&R!

John, a veteran himself of the Vietnam War, shares that he's been married to the love of his life for 55 years and they love to do their part by sharing their home with the marines for a little relaxation time. He says he loves to look as patriotic as he can while doing so, so he buys American Flag apparel from us. Thank you John for being a supporter!

But more importantly, being a true American Patriot helping members of our military feel valued and get some much needed relaxation time.



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