crayon drawing of a kid holding an american flag

When looking for ways to have fun with your kids, a fun craft project is always a great go-to. It lets them explore their creative side and creates fun family memories. If you love showing your American spirit as a family, we have a few fun patriotic crafts for kids!

Hand Print Flag

One of the easiest and more interactive patriotic crafts for kids, a handprint flag lets them get hands-on and play with messy paint which any kid will love! For this project, you will need a poster board, paint in red and blue, paper plates, and some helpful little hands. Using the white of the poster board as the white stripes, start using the red paint to make the red stripes on the flag. It is easiest to use a paper plate to hold your paint because it's easy to clean up and makes it easy for kids to dip their hand in the paint. Simply complete the steps until the red stripes and blue field are filled in with handprints. Let it dry and then hang up your child's fun and patriotic art!

Pom Pom Flag

Another way to make a flag with a little bit less mess is with pom poms. For this, you will need pom-poms in red, white, and blue, as well as a poster board to glue them to, and a hot glue gun. This one will be ideal for older children since there is a glue gun involved but it can be a great way to teach them how to handle this crafting tool for the first time. Simply line up the poms where you want them to create the look of the American flag and start gluing!

Mason Jar Candle Holder

Another fun and easy option when in need of patriotic crafts for kids, this mason jar project is easy and can be done one of two ways. The first option is to use craft beads to layer them in red, white, and blue and then place the candle on the top of the jar. This is an easy option and offers a pretty sheen thanks to the beads. You can also paint the mason jars and then place the candle inside the jar so it's the only thing inside the jar.

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