Patriotic Crafts for Kids to Inspire Their Creativity
A Few Great Patriotic Crafts for Kids

A Few Great Patriotic Crafts for Kids

Kids love crafts! Whether it’s a summertime activity to keep them busy while school’s out or a family bonding activity around the holidays, crafts tap into everyone’s creative side. If you’re looking for a great crafting project to do with your kids, there are no shortage of options to choose from. And, if you’re looking to teach them the importance of patriotism, we’ve got a few great options that any kid is sure to love! Here are five fun patriotic crafts for kids.

1. Hand Print Flag

One of the easiest interactive patriotic crafts for kids, a handprint flag lets them get hands-on and play with messy paint—something any kid will love! For this project, you’ll need a poster board, paint (red and blue), paper plates and some helpful little hands.

Using the white of the poster board as the white stripes, use the red paint to make the red stripes on the flag. It’s best to use a paper plate to hold your paint because it's easy to clean up and makes it easy for kids to dip their hand in the paint. Simply complete the steps until the red stripes and blue field are filled in with handprints. Let it dry and then hang up your child's fun and patriotic art! It’s a great activity for even the littlest artists.

2. Pom-Pom Flag

This is a nice rainy-day craft that any kid will get excited about—and it’s an easy one for parents to help them with. To create a pom-pom flag, you’ll need poms of red, white, and blue, glue, and a poster board for the backing. While you can use regular glue, a glue gun will offer a better hold if you have one on hand.

With the poster board on a flat surface, line up the pom poms for where you want them to create the American flag stripes and blue field. Then, start gluing them in place according to your layout. You can even add some craft store stars to the blue field for an added touch of creativity to your final creation. This is one your kids will definitely want to hang on the fridge!

3. Mason Jar Candle Holder

Another fun and easy patriotic craft for kids, this mason jar project can be done one of two ways.

The first option is to use craft beads. Layer them in red, white and blue within the jar—then place the candle on the top of the jar. This option has the added effect of a subtle shimmer when the light of the candle reflects off the beads! For best results, use wooden, painted beads.

For the second option, you can paint the mason jar with red, white and blue paint, then place the candle inside the jar. The light will illuminate the painted façade of the jar from within, projecting a beautiful visual outward.

4. Tin Can Windsock

For this craft, you’ll need a medium-to-large-size empty tin can, paint and brushes, and either thick ribbons or some cut-up strips of fabric. Make sure the paint and the fabric are red, white and blue, so you stay with the theme throughout the windsock.

First, clean the cans and make sure they’re free from any sharp edges, so you can paint them. The easiest way to paint them is to start with one color and let it dry so the paint colors don't run or bleed into one another. You can paint the can in a few different ways, such as an accurate depiction of the flag with red and white stripes and a blue field of stars—or you can mix it up by painting the can blue all over and adding stars throughout and using red and white ribbons or fabric.

While the paint dries, start cutting the fabric or ribbons for the bottom of the windsock. Once the can is dry, you’ll want to place twine at the top so you can hang it. To do this, simply make two holes in the top of the can rim and run the twine through it and tie it at the top. Then go around the bottom edge of the can rim and make holes with a screwdriver and hammer to run the ribbon through. Make sure you either bend back, clip off, or sand down any jagged parts of metal.

When you’re done, hang this windsock in an area where it can blow around gently in the wind!

5. American Flag Wreath

When the weather is nice outside, a wreath can be a great way to welcome spring. Why not do a wreath with patriotic flair? For this craft, you’ll need a wreath base, a glue gun, and red, white, and blue floral arrangement flowers from the craft store.

Using the wreath as the base, play around with flower placement and configuration to get the right mix of red, white and blue. You can use several different flower types as well, from tulips to daisies. Once you have a layout you like, simply glue the flowers in place to the base of the wreath.

Once it's dry, hang it on your front door for a pretty and patriotic spring craft! This is one many kids love to do, and it’s a great way to decorate your home for the spring months—including Memorial Day and Armed Forces Day.

Crafts tap into creative spirit

Crafting is a wonderful activity for kids, and it’s a chance for parents to spend time doing something meaningful with their little ones. Doing interactive American flag crafts adds another layer of positivity: it’s a chance to teach your children about the important meaning of the stars and stripes, and what the flag means to our country.

Whether it’s a rainy day or a lazy summer day, we recommend sitting down for any of the above crafts. They’re all easy, affordable and rewarding. And, if you need a little inspiration for how to decorate these crafts, you can always browse The Flag Shirt for patriotic patterns and styles!

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