Check Out These Patriotic Events Around the Country
Experience Patriotic Events Around the Country

Experience Patriotic Events Around the Country

America has grown from an original 13 colonies to 50 states that span sea to shining sea. And despite differences across each state and region, we stand united under the stars and stripes. One of the best ways to recognize all the things that make us different yet the same is to see how people celebrate the Fourth of July and other patriotic events around the country.

In Boston, you’ll see massive Fourth of July parades to commemorate the earliest origins of our independence. In Missouri, you’ll find veterans services that go above and beyond to celebrate the lives and legacies of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. In Tennessee, you’ll find amazing blends of country music and patriotism that pay homage to the roots of this state.

Wherever you travel in the United States, there’s a chance to experience patriotism in new and different ways. Here’s a look at some of the patriotic events around the country that everyone should experience at least once in their life.

1. Boston Pops Fourth of July

When looking at patriotic events around the country, this one is always a popular choice. Located in a city with a rich American history, the Boston Pops Fourth of July celebration in Massachusetts has long been hailed as a top destination for fireworks on the Fourth. With the Boston Pops symphony playing patriotic songs as the fireworks light up the sky over the Charles River, this event is sure to ignite your inner patriot this year.

2. Macy's Fourth of July Display in NYC

If you are familiar with their Thanksgiving Day parade, you already know Macy's knows how to put on a party. Another top choice for patriotic events around the country, the Macy's Fourth of July event in New York City offers one of the grandest fireworks displays in the nation coupled with a concert. This is one of the most all-American ways to spend the Fourth in the most famous city in the country!

3. Let Freedom Sing in Nashville

If you are looking to head south for Fourth of July, Nashville is the perfect destination for this cherished holiday. Let Freedom Sing is a large concert featuring top performers and finished off with one of the largest fireworks shows in the country, all nestled in a charming city with lots to see. Best of all, the concert and fireworks show are completely free!

4. Veterans Week in Branson

We all know Fourth of July is the top patriotic holiday most people think of, but Veterans Day is equally worthy of celebrating. This is something Branson, Missouri knows all too well which is why they celebrate Veterans Day with a week-long celebration! The event features a range of events such as special memorial services and events, luncheons during the day, gala dinners at night, a tree lighting ceremony, and reunion events for service members. This is definitely a great way to celebrate both the holiday and the brave soldiers of our Armed Forces!

5. San Francisco’s Fleet Week

Fleet week actually takes place around the country, but San Francisco’s in particular is a spectacle to see for yourself! Fleet week represents a week where recently deployed naval ships return to port for a week to restock, and to give sailors a chance to visit and sightsee. San Francisco’s fleet week also features tours of naval ships, air shows and much more, and it’s one of the largest in the country. If you’re not on the West Coast, you can always explore fleet week in cities like Norfolk, VA or Baltimore, MD.

6. Pearl Harbor Day

December 7, 1941 is a “day that will live in infamy.” The bombing of Pearl Harbor was the catalyst that brought America into WWI and today, the site stands as a testament to both the event and the individuals who lost their lives in it. On December 7, each year, the Pearl Harbor Memorial Site hosts a special event to honor the legacy of those individuals. If you ever have the opportunity to go, it’s a powerful experience that will evoke patriotic spirit like few other things.

Explore the Nation’s Patriotism

While you might be content to celebrate your town’s local Fourth of July parade or go to a nearby Memorial Day ceremony, remember that there’s a whole nation of patriots out there—all celebrating these same events in different ways. Take a trip across this beautiful nation and experience other patriotic events for yourself. They’re sure to deepen your own spirit and love of country.

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