Patriotism Spotlight: Operation First Response

Patriotism Spotlight: Operation First Response


These are the people and entities that go one step further to show their patriotism and love for this country and those who protect it. One organization that has been showing its true patriotic beliefs and support for our military since 2004 is Operation First Response (OFR).

Operation First Response Helps Military Members and Families

OFR operates on a mission to bring attention to tens of thousands of soldiers who return home from service wounded and aid them by helping with the resulting emotional and financial effects. The organization lends a hand to these individuals and their family members by raising money for these military heroes to help them with medical bills and other financial obligations. This is done through donations and fundraising efforts of a wide array.

Operation First Response Events

Each year, the OFR team holds fundraising events to raise money for wounded military heroes and their families. The funds are used to help individuals with anything from mounting financial obligations unable to be met due to their injuries to medical bills. Since 2004, OFR has raised over $11 million and during that time has served more than 21,840 wounded heroes and their family members.

Some of the upcoming and prior events include two Walk for the Wounded events, one in Media, Pennsylvania, and the other in Ocean City, New Jersey; a golf fundraiser in Galloway, New Jersey; a whiskey festival in Tampa, Florida; and, partnership events with other organizations who help OFR raise money for their many wonderful causes. OFR provides this assistance so our military members and veterans can focus on their recovery and rest easy knowing that they are getting the financial help they need. In addition to helping financially, the organization also provides emotional support to these individuals and their family members in many different ways.

How You Can Help

OFR invites the community to attend their events and lend a hand to those who protect us and this extraordinary country we live in. Visit the OFR website to see upcoming events and try to attend one or more if they are being held in your local area. And, OFR also accepts monetary donations if you'd like to help out in that way. Best of all, over 95% of donations and fundraising dollars received go directly to support the emergency needs of wounded heroes and disabled veterans.  

OFR is the perfect example of a patriotic organization that strives to help those individuals who safeguard our country and the individuals within it. We'd like to give a huge round of applause to the OFR team members and donors who lend a hand to those who serve!

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