Patriotism Stole the Spotlight at Super Bowl LIV

Patriotism Stole the Spotlight at Super Bowl LIV


Tribute to the American Flag Was Awe-Inspiring

As with every NFL game, the national anthem is sung and players and spectators embrace the love for our nation. This year's Super Bowl took our respect for the flag even further and featured a moving video tribute to the American flag.

During the video, the youngest living Medal of Honor recipient, Marine Lance Cpl. Kyle Carpenter, was featured along with video clips of historical battles, Ground Zero, and the families of 9/11 victims. All the while a recording of Johnny Cash's "Ragged Old Flag" played in the background.

The video also featured "The First Ladies of the NFL," the owner wives of the NFL teams who spoke about the American flag. They expressed a deep appreciation for its meaningfulness and importance.

In between the spoken portions and recitation of "Ragged Old Flag," images of the American flag filled the screen and provided a patriotic view for all to see and truly embrace.

Patriotism Has a Firm Place in the NFL

No matter what latest controversy comes up regarding the American flag, it's important to note that patriotism has a firm place in the NFL. This is easy to see by looking at the players standing there with tears in their eyes and mouthing the words to the "The Star-Spangled Banner." You can also easily ascertain the patriotic vibe by watching the crowd stand quietly at attention with obvious emotion or singing along with pride in our country. In the end, patriotism is and always will be at the forefront of the NFL and American sports.

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