Reasons to Thank Our American History Teachers

Reasons to Thank Our American History Teachers

Showing gratitude to those who taught us in the past and thanking teachers who are educating our children now is essential. From teaching us about the different subjects to presenting the information in a way we can understand, teachers are certainly well-versed in their craft. American history is one subject that has certainly been in the forefront of the news and current events these days. When you look at the historical events that have occurred in 2020 and continue to take place in 2021, you can see this is true. From the presidential election to the appointment of Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, American history is unfolding before our very eyes and doing so at a rapid pace. Fortunately, we have a good framework as to history topics, thanks to our American history teachers, past and present. We should take the time to thank our American history teachers who have done the following: American History Teachers Present Information on the Past The subject of American history is an expansive one. From historical places to historical figures, American history class covers a wide array of topics. American history teachers take this information and compile it in a way that’s easy to understand and then present that information to students. This is a big job for which we are so thankful! Teachers Apply American History to Present Day Issues In addition to teaching about the various aspects of American history, these teachers must also take the subject and apply it to present day issues. American history teachers put the information out there in a way that shows how it’s relevant today. So, it’s not just talking about a subject, it’s taking the subject and making it apply to present day. This teaches the student why the historical event or figure was so important. It also explains where we would be today had this event not occurred or had the individual not lived the life they had. American History Teachers Allow Students to Interpret Historical Events Once the American history teacher discusses the subject, it’s then up to the student to interpret the historical event or uncover the importance of the historical figure. American history teachers get students to open their minds and explore the possibilities. With the help of American history teachers, we’re able to ask the question, “What if…?” With the help of our American history teachers, past, present, and future, we gain a better understanding of where we came from and where we’re going in the years ahead. And for this, and many other reasons, we say, “Thank you!”

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