Team Red, White and Blue for Charity!
Team Red, White and Blue for Charity!

Team Red, White and Blue for Charity!

This month's Patriot Highlight features members of the Berrien County Sheriff's Office.  They are pictured above wearing red, white and blue gear from the Flag Shirt for a charity event: The Southwest Michigan Polar Plunge! The team chose to show off their American pride by wearing a Flag Shirt popular pick: The Men's Patriotic U.S.A. Quick-dry Jersey T-Shirt!

The event, also called "Freezing for a Reason", took place on February 4th, 2023. With the help of the sheriff's office and 300 other participants, a total of $124,000 was raised in support of the Special Olympics.

The Berrien County Sheriff's Office team was able to raise over $19,000 towards the total. They participate in the plunge every year, and this year they decided on a patriotic theme for their group outfit.

Thank you Deputy Marcus Chartrand, Deputy Michael Troup, Sergeant Thad Chartrand, Undersheriff Charles Heit, Chief Deputy Robert Boyce, Deputy Rony Silva and Sergeant Andy Archer for sharing and being heroes in your community!

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