The Heroic History of Hershel W. Williams

The Heroic History of Hershel W. Williams

There are many names in history that stand for heroism. The names of heroic individuals are voluminous in number and should be recognized whenever possible. One such individual whose brave actions and heroic acts make him a name to remember is Hershel W. Williams.

Who is Hershel W. Williams?

Hershel “Woody” Williams is an American patriot who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor by President Truman on October 5, 1945. The medal was awarded to Williams due to the “valiant devotion to duty” he displayed in the Battle of Iwo Jima.

Williams had enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and was part of the 21st Marines, 3d Marine Division. When Williams fought in the Battle of Iwo Jima during World War II, he showed great commitment to fellow servicemembers and heroism. All of which “enabled his company to reach its objective,” as detailed during the Medal of Honor ceremony. 


The Patriotism of Hershel W. Williams Continued After WWII

Williams’ contributions didn’t end when he came home from the war. This gentleman went on to serve his country in a variety of ways, including as the founder of the Woody Williams Foundation. The Woody Williams Foundation helps those who served in the military as well as Gold Star families.

Before Williams enlisted in the Marine Corps, he delivered Western Union telegrams to the community, including those telegrams sent to Gold Star families informing them their loved ones had died in battle. Later in life, Williams would go on to establish the Woody Williams Foundation to help these families in many ways.  

A total of 85 Gold Star Families Memorial Monuments are now in place across the nation thanks to the contributions of the Woody Williams Foundation. An additional 75 monuments are in the process of being built. In addition to monument establishment, the Foundation also offers outreach programs and events to benefit Gold Star families across the country.

Williams showed his patriotism and heroism as a member of the United States military. He continues to show his patriotic spirit and support through the work of his extraordinary organization.  

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