The True Patriots of 2020

The True Patriots of 2020

As 2020 ends, it’s a good time to look back and reflect on those individuals who can be described as the true patriots of 2020. From frontline healthcare workers to first responders, the patriotic heroes are right before our very eyes. This year especially brought out the heroes, no capes required. Here’s a look at the true patriots of 2020:

Frontline Healthcare Workers

The COVID-19 pandemic was an event very few of us could have imagined. Our healthcare workers are always ready, willing, and able to serve the community, but this virus took everything to a whole new level. Not only did those on the frontline of the healthcare community work tirelessly to care for the sick and put themselves at risk they acted as a comforting source, the only faces many of their patients saw daily.

And, as if this weren’t enough, the pandemic is not even close to being over. Cases still come in at jaw dropping rates and it’s these healthcare workers that stand ready to answer the call. These true patriots walk before us and it’s important to recognize their sacrifice and service.

First Responders

First responders already work 24/7/365 but add in the current pandemic and their jobs just got even more intense. Our firefighters, police officers, EMTs, and other first responders are true patriots of 2020, answering the call whenever they’re needed and doing so with an extra layer of dangerous circumstances in place due to the coronavirus. We thank these individuals for their courage and selfless service.

Military Members

Whether stationed at home here in the United States or across the globe at bases overseas, our military members are always patriots, especially in 2020. No matter in which branch of service these brave individuals serve, their patriotism and continual protection of our country is readily apparent and always highly applauded.

Teachers and Education Workers

Teachers and other individuals in the education system are true patriots, ensuring that our children receive the education they need and deserve. In the earlier months of this year, their jobs became even more challenging when schools shut down and in-class learning turned into virtual instruction. These dedicated individuals had to adjust their teaching methods and ensure that the children continue to receive the best education, despite these challenges. We thank all teachers and education workers for their hard work and flexibility in these changing times.

Mail Carriers and Shipping Providers

With everything going on throughout 2020, the mail and packages continued to be delivered, thanks to our hardworking and dedicated mail carriers and shipping providers. These individuals faced new hurdles, all the while ensuring that the community continued to receive their mail and shipments. The holiday season put even more strain on the mail and shipment systems due to individuals placing more online orders and taking part in contactless shopping. We recognize the hard work and continual dedication of our mail carriers and shipping providers.

Grocery Store, Retail, and Restaurant Workers

When the pandemic first unfolded, essential workers such as grocery store employees, retail clerks, and restaurant workers continued to show up to work to ensure the community’s needs were met in these various areas. Through the following months, shutdowns of some of these businesses caused individuals to lose paychecks and those that remained open required individuals to work during hazardous times so they could receive a paycheck. We notice your dedication and thank you for all you’ve been doing.

Patriots Come in Many Forms

As you can see, patriots come in many forms. The true patriots of 2020 are those who continued to provide for the community whether it be coming to our aid to put out fires or providing us with a way to get groceries and other essential items. To all these individuals and other essential workers, we see you and thank you for everything you’ve done this year and continue to do.

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