This Army and Navy Vet Served Proudly
This Army and Navy Vet Served Proudly

This Army and Navy Vet Served Proudly

Meet this month's Patriot Highlight, Lionel Nicholas, who served in both the United States Army and Navy. Lionel completed JROTC at 17 years old, and went on to join the Army right out of high school. He served for four years there as a cook.

After the Army, he joined the Navy for four more years during the Cuban Missile Crisis and was near the equator during the conflict. He loved traveling all over the world on the Navy ships, and has some wild stories to tell. His favorite one to share about his time on the ship is about swimming in the ocean, surrounding by sharks!

When Lionel got out of the Navy, he met his wife Shirley in Gouverneur, New York and they raised quite the large family together; 9 children. He also worked in the talc mines, and Gouverneur Tribune Press. Later on he moved to Syracuse, New York and worked at New Venture Gear as a job setter/machine operator for 30 years before retiring.

Lionel loved to fish up in the Adirondack Mountains. He finds joy in spending time with all of his kids, and many grandchildren whom he's very proud of. Lionel comes from a family of veterans, as all six of his brothers served in the Army during WWII and the Korean War. We thank Lionel for his service and sharing his story with us!

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