This Navy Vet Serves His Community with Pride

This Navy Vet Serves His Community with Pride

This month's Patriot Highlight is John Pero. John is a Vietnam Vet and spent nine years in the U.S. Navy serving his country. His wife Jannai, who nominated him, shares he still fights for freedom as a leader of many groups in his community.

John grew up on a small dairy farm in Ohio with seven sisters. His father and three of his sisters were also in the military. He learned the value of hard work at a young age.

These values are with him still. He serves as an elected member and a delegate, and also teaches Constitution classes, attends school board and community meetings.

patriotic shirts

"John is a gifted speaker, teacher, prayer warrior, veteran, patriot, and man of God as well as an intelligent technical trainer/engineer, recently retired about a year ago." says Jannai.

His wife shares that he is almost always wearing one out of his three Button-Up Shirts from Flag Shirt, as they are his favorite.

Thank you for sharing with us, Jannai and John! 


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