Traveling with an American Flag

Traveling with an American Flag


When it comes to the flag, there are a lot of rules regarding the proper handling and etiquette to avoid disrespecting it, but for traveling there are a few rules. For starters, make sure when transporting the American flag, you fold it in the thirteen folds recommended for proper folding. When traveling with an American flag, you should take care to make sure it's placed in a secure display case in your suitcase, but at the very least it should be folded and wrapped in material, even if just a towel, to keep anything from getting on it during travel. You can also place the flag in a cardboard box before placing it in your suitcase or bag.

There is some debate about where to store the flag when traveling. While some say it's disrespectful to store it in your checked luggage when flying because some people believe you should always keep the flag with you on your person in your carry-on bag, there are no rules one way or the other. It depends entirely on what works for the traveler when flying with the American flag. The important thing is to make sure the flag is handled with respect throughout the entire travel process. Many flags are transported when people purchase flags without remaining with a single person from start to finish so that shows it isn't a hard and fast rule when traveling with an American flag for you to keep it on you at all times. The main thing is to make sure the flag is handled with care when you travel with it out of respect. As long as you follow basic etiquette, such as not letting the flag touch the ground or crumpling it up to shove in your bag without care, you are good to go on your trip with the flag in tow.


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