Vietnam War Veteran Expresses Patriotism in Style
Vietnam War Veteran Expresses Patriotism in Style

Vietnam War Veteran Expresses Patriotism in Style

This month's Patriot Highlight features a very proud Vietnam War Veteran named Danny Tomlinson. Danny served as the Damage Control Officer on the USS Kilauea (AE 26) from 1969-1972.

Danny loves to show off the stars & stripes shirts from Flag Shirt whenever he gets the chance. Especially patriotic events like a 4th of July Parade, on Veterans Day, Memorial Day, 9/11 Day, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, Flags for Fallen Vets, Wreaths across America and several others.

He shares "Thank you for your patriotism and quality products.  I’ll continue to be a loyal customer!"

The Flag Shirt thanks you Danny, for allowing us to help you show off your patriotic side in style but more importantly, your service to our great country.

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