While most people show patriotism at certain times of year more than others, such as 4th of July or during elections, showing patriotism should be a year-round priority. Here are a few easy ways to show patriotism in the New Year.

1. Fly the flag

One of the easiest ways to show patriotism in the New Year is to fly the flag! If you do not have a flag pole and flag already, make it a New Year’s resolution to get one this year. Even if a flag pole is out of the question for your home, you can still fly the flag as a porch or doorway flag. The possibilities are endless which makes it easy to fly the red, white, and blue and show your patriotism all year.

Doorway Flag

2. Treat the flag with respect

When you fly a flag, there are certain respects you need to show it. For example, never fly the flag in darkness. A flag should be illuminated at night and if you do not have lights, you should take it down, fold it carefully, and store it in a designated flag box at sundown and then replace it each morning. You also want to make sure your flag is in good condition. An American flag with holes, tears, stains, or fading is a show of disrespect to both the flag and all the service members who died protecting what the flag represents. Make sure the flag is in good condition or buy a new one at the start of the year.

3. Send a care package to the troops

One of the more caring ways to show patriotism in the New Year is to send a care package to our troops. There are several charities working to bring a smile to a soldier’s face by way of care packages. Care packages are a thoughtful way to bring a soldier some of the comforts of home while also showing your appreciation for the sacrifices they make serving overseas. You can even make it a family affair and involve the kids or grandkids in creating care packages for the troops.

4. Volunteer or donate to veteran organization

Aside from care packages, volunteering your time at a veteran-centered organization is a great way to show patriotism. From working with disabled veterans through the VA to volunteering at the Veterans History Project, there are plenty of ways to give your time to the deserving men and women to whom we owe our freedom and way of life. If volunteering isn’t an option, many veteran organizations take monetary donations as well.

5. Plan a trip to a national monument or park

National monuments are named as such because they are an important place of American history. From battlefields which shaped our nation to historic sites such as the Washington Monument, there are plenty of places in our country worth visiting in the coming year to show your patriotism. National parks are also a great way to discover and enjoy the rich natural history of our nation. Best of all, most states have local areas of interest within a half day drive, so you can make a family trip to discover the history of your great country in your own state.

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