How to Embrace and Show Patriotic Spirit Year-Round
Ways to Show Your Patriotic Spirit Year-Round

Ways to Show Your Patriotic Spirit Year-Round

There are certain times throughout the year when we can’t help but feel patriotic. You’d be hard-pressed to find an American citizen who isn’t ready to wave the flag on the Fourth of July or tip their cap to a service member on Veterans’ Day. But you don’t need to wait for these special occasions to embrace your patriotic spirit. You live in a free country—the greatest country in the world—which makes any day a great day to show your patriotism!

There’s a lot more to being a patriot than waving the flag or saluting a service member—although these are good starts. If you want to truly acknowledge the greatness that comes with being an American citizen, consider adopting a few good habits into your everyday life.

Here are a few simple ways to put your patriotism on display all year round, not just on national holidays.

Display the American Flag at Your Home or Office

One of the easiest and most patriotic ways to show your love for this country on a daily basis is to display the American flag outside of your home or office. This true symbol of patriotism will not only please you and your desire to be patriotic, it will be appreciated by those around you.

The American flag honors our military and expresses a heart-filled sentiment and love for this country in which we live. Whether you have a flagpole in your front yard or a bracket and pole hanging off of the building, the American flag provides a great way to show your patriotic spirit 365 days of the year. Just make sure you’re always observing the flag code of conduct: never letting it touch the ground, always flying it highest and lowering it to half-staff in observance of national events.

Wear an American Flag Pin on Your Jacket or Other Clothing Item

Your expression of patriotism can be a subtle one. Showing your patriotic spirit can be expressed simply by wearing a small American flag pin on your jacket or other clothing item. Wearing an American flag pin shows you have patriotism and it's an easy way to do so.

If you work in an office and wear a suit to work, you can complement an American flag lapel pin with a red, white and blue tie. For women, American flag earrings are another simple accessory that can make a big statement. These small gestures show your patriotic spirit and your attention to detail in displaying it.

Volunteer with a Military Service Organization

Patriotic spirit doesn't have to exist in the form of a flag or clothing item. You can show your patriotism by serving those who currently serve or have served in the military. Many military service organizations are continually on the search for volunteers and you can fulfill your patriotic duty by volunteering.

The military service organization will vary, depending on where you live, but some of the options may include a veterans’ home, the United Service Organizations (USO) and other military-themed organizations. This sentiment also extends to first responders, who wake up each day and face the arduous task of caring for us in our moments of need and peril. Even something as simple as sending a pizza to your local firehouse or buying a cup of coffee for an EMT can be a significant display of your patriotic spirit.

Include Red, White, and Blue Colors in Your Daily Clothing Ensemble

An additional way to show your patriotic spirit is to incorporate red, white, and blue colors into your daily attire. You can mix-and-match your ensemble each day and keep the patriotic color scheme going strong on a daily basis. This show of patriotism is subtle yet is the perfect way to show your red, white, and blue spirit!

Whether it’s an American flag t-shirt, a USA-inspired hoodie or a red, white and blue skirt, incorporating patriotic colors will let everyone know that you support your country. And, as a bonus, it’ll inspire them to embrace their own patriotism! It’s a simple, powerful gesture that has rippling effects as it reminds us that we’re all unified as American citizens.

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